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Senior Data Scientist Computer Vision in Madrid

NTT Disruption

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Job Description

Are you a seasoned Data Scientist with an appetite to hang out with brilliant & creative minds?

Is an innovative, vibrant environment and being amidst the smartest technical disruptors your cup of tea?

Moreover, would you like to see your value as a professional increase immensely?

Then, come on over and join us: We’re looking for you!

What we need:

  • At least 5/6 years of relevant experience as a ’rounded’ Data Scientist meaning you are experienced in methods and technologies to tackle computer vision tasks involving feature detection, tracking, matching, pose estimation, activity recognition or 3D reconstruction from multiple views.
  • The candidate should have a good mix analytical, software prototyping and research skills to be able identify and understand complex business problems from inception. Propose / design / prototype the most efficient mechanisms to solve these problems and implement a solution based on the proposed design. For this, we are seeking candidates that would:
  • Have strong mathematical and statistical background to be able to understand and apply advanced quantitative methods to parts of the problem at hand.
  • Have fundamental understanding of Computer Vision, with solid experience developing end to end deep learning pipelines (preparation, pre-processing, training, validation/testing, optimization)
  • Have worked with IP/CV algorithms and tools such as classification algorithms (e.g. SVM), optical flow, OpenCV, image enhancement and recovery, etc.
  • Have excellent C/C++ and Python programming background to design and develop production ready code.
  • Have knowledge of various deep learning frameworks: tensorflow, pytorch, Caffe, and/or keras
  • Be familiar with CNN / RNN architectures such as VGG16, ResNet, MobileNet, Inception, Yolo, Fast-RCNN, SSD, etc., being able to design/build custom CNN and RNN models and evaluate their accuracy/quality.
  • Have a research and problem-solving background given complex problems.
  • Be passionate about AI and is ready to take risks in a fast-paced environment, staying up to date with the latest models and changes in the CV arena.
  • Good business English.
  • The right to work in the EU.

Our Offer to you: 

This workplace! Going to work will feel like coming home. As working with the brightest, the insatiable curious & the creative forward-thinkers, makes work fun. It’s that simple a truth. And, if you’re a bit of a techie yourself, like we are, it can’t get any cooler than shaping and developing new disruptive technologies for a better society. Salary? Yes, that too.

About the team:

Very multi-disciplinary spread out over a 9-hour time zone. Good social skills, Good English, and a fair share of cultural awareness is welcomed: Our Technical team will be in three different locations: Silicon Valley, Madrid (core team) and Remote.

This role is based in Madrid.

About us:

NTT Disruption is an Open Disruption Platform built to meet and embrace great new ideas to co-create, co-validate and co-accelerate through exponential technologies.

Launched in 2019 as a new business area of NTT Global, our goal is moving forward in technological disruption and create a real impact in specific industries and through that improve the society we live in.

We create today what really matters for tomorrow.

Also, we’re doubling up in size before the end of the year: so many new and great opportunities will surface on our career page. Keep it in check yet don’t hold back and reach out already. We want to learn about you.

At NTT Disruption we fully embrace differences. Differences gives us new insights, new learnings, inspiration and aspirations. Being different is enriching. Different views excite us.  We offer a workplace where every individual can thrive. Going to work should feel like coming home. NTT Disruption takes pride in being an equal opportunity workplace.


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