Senior Cloud and DevOps Engineer in Barcelona


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Job Description

The Cloud Platform team is in charge of providing our product delivery teams with a managed Azure and AWS platform that is developed with a self-service, modular architecture and current application development processes and tools, allowing them to create high-quality products. Our role is to abstract the cloud platform specifics from the product teams and offer a common pipeline for delivering value to Travelport customers, as well as to give product teams with the ability to see and control the runtime health of their services and apps.


You will be required to work across multiple strata of the technology stack in this role, from getting your hands dirty at the networking and monitoring layers, to implementing common Kubernetes modules and libraries for enforcing platform-wide standards, to architecting a product in AWS and Azure environments and acting as a domain expert with multiple product teams.


As a part of an Infrastructure development team, you will not only be responsible for providing a high-quality Cloud Platform as a Service, but you will also be involved in establishing new procedures and culture across the software delivery stream.


The role will involve:

  • Working with product development teams to advise on the use of the Azure and AWS Cloud Platforms will be part of the job.
  • Defining, creating, and implementing essential Azure and AWS Cloud Platform functions.
  • Use an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) strategy to provide infrastructure upgrades.
  • Create cloud and resource consumption policies.
  • Creating an organizational-wide culture and processes for implementing DevOps and SRE practices
  • Collaboration with corporate networking and architecture teams in the definition and implementation of the Azure/AWS Cloud platform
  • Proactively collaborate with team members to propose enhancements or new directions for the Azure and AWS cloud platforms.
  • Adapting the CI/CD process to meet the needs of Product teams; reasoning and implementing general CI/CD principles derived from adaptations for specific Product requirements.
  • Executing complicated technological tasks with little supervision from other senior technical professionals
  • Being unyielding in terms of quality and supporting a culture of continual delivery
  • I am passionate about seeing improvements come to fruition. Naturally inquisitive and engrossed in her work, she is continuously reading, developing, studying, discovering the current trends, and experimenting with new technologies and ideas.


What are we looking for/who would thrive in this role?

  • It is ideal to have a bachelor's degree in STEM.
  • 5+ years of relevant development experience, a well-rounded and thorough knowledge of the SDLC throughout your career, and/or suitable educational credentials
  • Experience providing applications in a Micro-services-architected environment, such as JavaScript/NodeJS/.Net Core/Java.
  • Experience dealing with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or GCP is required. Certifications in Azure, AWS, and/or DevOps are advantageous.
  • Working knowledge of container technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes (AKS/EKS), and Helm.
  • Terraform and TerraGrunt knowledge.
  • Worked with and adapted CI/CD delivery techniques such as GitHub, GitLab CI, and others.
  • Knowledge with system scripting languages such as bash, python, and others, as well as a general mindset of proactively finding and investigating solutions to issues rather than waiting for someone else, are required.
  • Experience mentoring and/or knowledge sharing across external development teams.
  • Mentoring and/or knowledge exchange experience with external development teams.

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