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Senior Backend Engineer for Football Livescore website and apps ( in Barcelona


35,000 - €37,000
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Job Description

The Visca Web team is behind the popular, and 5 other brands which currently attract millions of users over 30 countries worldwide. The cornerstones of the product (and its main technical challenges) are:
Real-time data, high availability, high performance and a great user experience.

Our Culture

The dev team is committed to producing clean and tested code, applying SOLID code principles. We are all passionate about creating great experiences for our users and we find it absolutely indispensable to also have fun in the process.

We strongly believe that the team is at the heart of the success of any project. We champion a stimulating work environment where respect, initiative, synergy and exchange are valued. To us, an outstanding product is not only created when the focus has been put on the users, but also when it results from the passion, talent and ideas of all members of a team.

To keep up with the world out there, we enjoy organizing regular katas to practice and work on topics of interest to the team, we enjoy taking part in local events/talks, conferences and to contribute to the open source community on GitHub.

Our Technology Stack

We decided to implement a decoupled architecture in order to make maintenance and improvements easier when required. The web application is divided in projects written in PHP 5.6 and 7.1, mainly based on Symfony2, using RabbitMQ, Redis and WebSocket amongst others technologies.

We also use other tools such as New Relic and Blackfire to analyze code performance and Scrutinizer for code review and continuous integration. The team enjoy working with PHPStorm, develop and merge their code via Pull Requests through GIT and collaborate in English with JIRA, Github and Slack.

Our technology stack is not set in stone and may evolve as other languages and technologies may emerge as better alternatives to fit the product’s evolving requirements.

We are growing

With plenty of ideas to innovate and make our products indispensable to millions of sports fans around the world, we are looking for talented and passionate developers to help us create the future of, and their international cousins.

If you are excited about making things better and finding solutions to complex technical challenges, we want to hear from you.

Your Role:

As backend developer in the Visca Web team, your role will be essential to:

– Ensure fast and accurate delivery of scores in real-time to all users by continuing to build + improve our set of highly available and concurrent backend services.
Evaluate possible new features and suggest a smart way to implement them (whilst balancing performance, maintenance, time available, etc..).
Improve the structure of the code and refactor code to be more maintainable, scalable and testable.
Stabilize the project and writing functional/unit tests to ensure that the software performs its stated functions.
– Help us transition to a microservices-based architecture.

What the role requires:

  • Solid experience coding clean, object-oriented, namespaced PHP (and an interest in learning new languages).
  • Confidence working with Symfony2+ or another modern MVC framework.
  • Strong and demonstrable experience in one or more of the following:
    • Amazon Web Services / Deployment Tools / Docker.
    • Symfony2 (advanced/expert level).
    • Scalable systems.
    • New Relic / BlackFire.
    • API design and implementation.
    • Node JS.
  • The ability to communicate in English (if you’re not fluent, we’ll help you learn/practice, but you must know the basics).

What would be nice (but not required)

  • Interest in sports.
  • Experience in creating automated tests (TDD / Phpunit / Selenium) and continuous integration.
  • Familiarity with RabbitMQ, Redis, Memcached, WebSocket, Varnish or any related technologies.
  • Experience working on high traffic websites / conducting stress tests.

This position is a full-time one, based in our Barcelona office. Eligibility to work within the European Union is a must.

Salary depending on profile/experience, from 28K to 34K euros per year.


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