Senior Backend Developer (Python/Django) in Barcelona


30,000 - €39,000
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Job Description

We are looking for a Python/Django Backend Developer based in Barcelona to join our Development Team and lead the analysis, design and implementation of the ERP of a cross-border e-commerce site of

Main responsibilities will be:

- Design data model of the e-commerce based on a given set of specs (no legacy code, complete freedom to start from scratch).
- Lead the development of the multi-warehouse ERP (accounting, inbound & outbound logistics, order state workflow, dashboard forms, etc.)
- Implement small tool for enhancing the process of product creation into our catalog.
- Develop tools to detect product inconsistencies and duplicates
- Integrate with 3rd party tools and services (payments, shipping, marketing, etc.).
- Coordinate with: product owner, DevOps expert, frontend team, SEO team to implement best practices, etc.
- Lead and mentor a Junior Backend Developer (unit testing, maintenance scripts, etc.).

It is important (but not mandatory) to have previously worked with:
- Django 1.9 or greater
- Python 3
- PostgreSQL
- Celery
- Redis
- Agile Methodologies

About Naturitas:

We are a leading e-commerce site in the parapharmacy (supplements, cosmetics, eco and bio food and herbs) segment in Spain. Nowadays, we are closing a funding round in order to expand internationally to 6 european countries, becoming the number one store in this segment in Europe by revenues by 2018. Currently we have a catalogue of more than 40k references and are integrated with more than 500 different manufacturers. With less than 2 years in the business, we count on more than 50k customers that periodically buy from us making us grow at an average rate of 15% month-on-month. We are more than 30 people from 8 different nationalities.


- Competitive salary
- A self-motivated group of young professionals with entrepreneurial mindset that are constantly learning and adopting state of the art technologies.
- Free coffee, cokes and cookies and an office in the very center of the sunny Barcelona.


About Naturitas

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