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Senior Back-end Engineer in Barcelona or Remote


60,000 - €75,000
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Job Description

We are the first B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) specialized in “Horeca”.

Our mission 👉 To digitalize and improve operations, optimizing processes, reducing costs, saving time and automating tasks.

Our vision 👉 To be the leaders, innovate and create long-term relationships with our clients where they see us as a strategic partner.

Have you ever been in an AirBnB? haddock has been part of the program offered by the best accelerator in the world, Y Combinator. Companies like AirBnB or Twitch have grown with the teachings of Silicon Valley and haddock is on the same rocket. In addition, investors such as Zone2Boost, JME, LevelsUp, Extension Fund are backing us.

As a back-end software engineer, you will help drive architecture and technology decisions across the back-end development stack, bringing with you the experience and knowledge necessary to not only reach development goals but also help improve processes and find faults in current strategies.

We are looking for a software engineer with experience in web based SaaS applications to help us scale development at haddock, and face the new challenges that come as our user base grows exponentially.

This is a really exciting opportunity to join a fast-paced and growing team, with the opportunity to have a big impact at the beginning of a startup journey.


👉 Participate in an agile team tasked with the development of our product.

👉Shape and architecture solutions that allow us to tackle new challenges in sensible, efficient and scalable ways.

👉Help improve internal processes, as we transition from a small team with ad hoc procedures and constant improvisation, to more structured, automated and sustainable development strategies.

👉Coach and mentor more junior team members, and be proactive in the sharing of technical and domain knowledge, always fostering an inclusive and constructive work environment.

Skills and Experience

👉 At least 5 years of professional programming experience

👉 Proficiency in JavaScript and modern ES dialects, both in Node.js environments.

👉 Experience with TypeScript, or a good grasp on type systems and how they apply to untyped interpreted languages.

👉 Confidence in working with automation systems for testing, deploying or maintenance. You must be able to identify and automate inefficient processes.

👉 The ability to deal with code originating from an MVP, and the good judgement to decide when to redo, when to refactor, and when to leave as is.

👉 Knowledge of modern software architecture patterns, such as domain driven design or clean architecture.

👉 Familiarity with DevOps procedures and tools, and a good grasp on cloud based applications.

You’ll stand out if you bring ⚡️

👉 Previous experience working at a fast-paced startup

👉Previous experience working in a SaaS product

👉Experience working in the HORECA sector

If you do not fit all the criteria, but still think you would be a great fit for this position, feel free to tell us why. At haddock, we are always looking for talented and motivated people to drive our product forward!


⏳Flexible working hours

💻 Remote-friendly options

👥 Open working space to meet your team whenever you want

⚡️Team events (“haddolimpiadas” and more!), there is always someone ready to grab a beer or a Sunny Delight around

💡The possibility to be a part of the passionate team with a start-up mindset



About haddock

Haddock is the first foodservice software that improves smart cost control using Artificial Intelligence.

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