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Senior Automation QA Engineer in Valencia or Remote


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Job Description

Do you want to help save the world from Google Translate? Tired of seeing texts like “All your base belongs to us”? Do you have passion for technology and development? Then join the LanguageWire team as a Senior Automation QA Engineer and help us to make a difference.

The role you’ll play

You will be automating tests for our Smart Editor product, which serves thousands of users daily. You will be creating test plans and writing automated scenarios that simulate user interaction with the product, thus identifying potential issues and problems which could affect our users. You will also be responsible for finding and reporting usability problems, bugs, and glitches. Alongside the team, you will participate in the full release process, which will involve creating the release branches, deployment and testing (both automated and a little manual testing) and coordinating the rollout to the production environments.
Ultimately, you will ensure that our products, applications and systems work smoothly and correctly.

The team you’ll be a part of

You will join our Language Tools Team, which is a group of currently 5 dedicated colleagues, working on bringing our translators the best editor and tooling support in the business. We run by the “You built it, you run it” principle, which means that we own the products we build through all phases. The products we build are the most important tools for the translators that use them every day to run their business. Your work will have a big and immediate impact on their daily work!

If you have experience in QA and automated test development, if you like on-the-job learning and problem solving, then you might be interested in joining our multinational company.

If you want to make a difference, make it with us by…

  • Analyzing the current functionality of our solution, in order to develop new automated tests
  • Writing automated tests for our Frontend application, which will simulate user behavior
  • Helping increase code coverage and stability
  • Helping with the release of new features, by updating testing plans, coordinating the service release process and troubleshooting issues which occur
  • Participating in a team-wide prod rotation, where you’ll need to troubleshoot real-live production issues
  • Participating in the CICD process alongside the team
  • Occasionally performing manual tests, when automated tests does not exist for a business - critical feature, which must be analyzed/tested

      In one year, you’ll know you were successful if…

      • You have helped test and deploy new features for our Smart Editor product
      • You have improved the quality and stability of the overall Smart Editor product
      • You have been fully integrated within the team and company culture and purpose

        Desired experience and competencies

        What does it take to work for LanguageWire?

        What you’ll need to bring

        • Good understanding of HTML/REST/CSS
        • Good JavaScript knowledge
        • Cypress knowledge (or similar test framework knowledge)
        • Experience with both automated and manual QA tests
        • Great analytical and observational skills
        • Basic experience with Kibana / Elk (or a similar logging system)
        • Basic knowledge of SQL
        • Basic knowledge of Microservices
        • Focus on creating end-user value
        • Team player
        • Patience and thoroughness

              Skills that will make you stand out

              • Basic .NET knowledge
              • Typescript
              • DevOps experience
              • Docker + Kubernetes
              • Azure knowledge
              • Rabbit MQ / Cloud AMQP
              • Grafana knowledge

                  About LanguageWire

                  Most important things to know about us:

                  • We eliminate language barriers so people understand each other. Everywhere.
                  • We are a tech company
                  • We are an AI company
                  • We are stable, and we are growing

                    More detail about us:

                    At LanguageWire, we are leaders in the world of Language Service Providers, but we are cooler than our competitors. Want to know why? Read on. We are fueled by the most advanced technology (AI) and our goal is to make customer's lives easier by simplifying their communication with any audience across the globe.

                    We are proud of our unique AI technology and our exquisite customer care. We are even prouder of our people. From our language experts, tech nerds, and customer success drivers to the core of heroes in the background. They all have a stake in supporting the delivery of translations, editing, desktop publishing, and other crazy cool multilingual communication services.

                    We listen and we care. We adapt our solutions to customer needs and integrate them with customer-specific tech stacks, streamlines and automated workflows. All of this while ensuring all data is protected thoroughly in a secure, meteorite-proof infrastructure. Basically, we've got the whole package!

                    Our values

                    LanguageWire is a community where communication is open, informal and friendly. The fact that we respect each other personally and professionally promotes collaboration and a positive social environment. We celebrate success, and giving and receiving feedback and recognition is a natural part of our corporate culture.

                    Technology is a big part of what keeps LanguageWire ahead of the competition, but we never forget it’s a business built and powered by people. We ensure that our entire team is happy with what they do and everyone has the tools they need to achieve. Because at the end of the day, that’s why our customers love to work with us—they enjoy working with a team of enthusiastic people!

                    Working at LanguageWire — why we like it: 

                    “Being surrounded by so many talented colleagues is one of the best things about working at LanguageWire. The working atmosphere is great, and being part of such a multicultural team represents an enriching and incredible opportunity for the development of my career”

                    (Anna, Operations Solutions Project Manager, Valencia)

                    “Why I love my job at LanguageWire? Three things: Team Spirit, Goals and Caring Leadership. It begins and ends with the team. I am motivated because I work with a great team of people who know how to work together, know each other, and thrive when working collaboratively to achieve our goals. We care about each other. As a leader, you need to embrace the whole team to make the team great and achieve set goals. LanguageWire takes pride in caring about it all.”

                    (Marianne, Customer Success Director, Aarhus)

                    What are the perks?

                    We don't stand still. We don’t look back; we drive forward!

                    Are you the next Wire in our community? Consider a career with LanguageWire, and let’s realize your potential together. These are some of the perks of becoming a Wire...

                    General perks

                    • Scale-up by facts — start-up by heart
                    • Enjoy flat hierarchies, direct feedback, and room to stand up for your own ideas
                    • We are a fast-growing tech company that enables you to develop, be part of the decision-making processes, and suggest new and fresh ways to come up with solutions
                    • International company. Offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm, Varberg, London, Leuven, Lille, Munich, Hamburg, Zurich, Kiev, Gdansk, and Valencia
                    • 360 employees with great gender and cultural diversity
                    • A lot of responsibility and freedom
                    • We are committed to bringing in top talent from all sectors and countries
                    • We take care of our people with great benefits, professional development opportunities, and get-together initiatives like online fitness classes, yoga, Christmas parties, etc. We have fun!

                    Valencia Perks

                    • 99 great colleagues in different business departments.
                    • Excellent location (20 min walk to the city center) in cool and modern offices
                    • Working in an international environment—more than 20 different nationalities
                    • Freshly ground coffee from the coffee machine and free fruit

                    Want to know more?

                    We can’t wait to meet you! So, why wait 'til tomorrow? Apply today!


                    About LanguageWire


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