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Scrum Master in Amsterdam


35,000 - €62,000
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Job Description

This is the job for an agile fanatic who needs a challenge.

Nmbrs® is hiring an Scrum master to help our product squads embrace and maintain an agile working style.

Your challenge:

We introduced agile practices two years ago @Nmbrs. Together with the Agile team you will be helping the product squads continuously improve and you will empower them to drive their own growth. At Nmbrs we are not dogmatic about agile, instead we constantly evaluate our practices and processes.

- You are the best facilitator there is and you enjoy facilitating all sort of squads’ meetings and sessions (brainstormings, planning, backlog groomings retrospectives, goal setting sessions, plannings etc.).

- Since you believe the best solutions come from collaboration, you facilitate the decision making when a squad comes together instead of pushing your own solutions.

- You understand the value Agile brings to the business, so you guide and coach the squads on applying agile principles and practices.

- You ensure learning and growth of the squads by coaching them through tough situations.

- For you delivering value is not just counting story points. You work closely with the squads to master the art of transforming goals into daily work.

- To ensure visibility on progress and impediments you help the squads’ create, maintain and use dashboards and burndown charts.

- You have experienced what stable velocity is and know how to make it happen. Consistency over chaos.

- You take part in the onboarding of new colleagues on agile processes and practices.

- You coach squad members on the operational responsibilities of their role. For example help your Product Owners apply the agile values to their work.

- You will collaborate with a team of Agile and HR coaches to grow the self organising culture. Together, you will share ideas, approaches and learning methods, constantly evaluating and improving practices.

- You find out how to balance agile processes so they provide the structure and flexibility we need. With your team you will help others to deliver higher value as fast as possible.

What we have to offer

- We are a young, bold and global company. We are rocketing payroll processing to the new era. Having these ambitions we (you and us) constantly challenge ourselves.
- We give you the best fit. Always! With a buddy and a mentor assigned you will soon find your way within Nmbrs. Coaches to support squads and teams are the icing on the cake. All there to always develop. You and us.
- While work is fun, leisure time outside of work is key to stay happy! Our employees organise many initiatives such sports, pub-quizzing and so on. Not mandatory of course. Hop in when you feel like it!
- Nice weather? Become a Nmbrs pirate and float through the Amsterdam canals with colleagues or friends on our Nmbrs boat. What better way to explore the city?(again)
- Education on the newest quality tools, testing methods and best practices
- Working occasionally in the other office in Amsterdam, while staying in our own apartment, also free to use for private trips

We are looking for you if you have these:

- Experience as Scrum Master or Agile Coach for at least 3 years for multiple teams (in development/product teams)
- Understanding of the Agile processes and methodologies (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, delivery practices) and the skill to easily explain them with practical examples
- Proven knowledge of coaching and facilitation techniques
- English Proficiency
- A Scrum Master and/ or Agile Coaching certification is a plus

And if these soft skills and personality checks apply to you:

- You have strong analytical and problem solving skills, you help individuals/teams and squads come up with their own solutions and grow
- You have excellent interpersonal skills, you like to listen and are a wizz at asking open questions
- Team player that actively likes to help the colleagues
- You’re a proactive person that takes initiative, so you’re always on the look for improvements and come up with new and innovative ways of working.
- Up-to-date with newest Agile practices, technologies and environments
- Keen to develop yourself and grow along with the company
- Assertive and perseverant
- Fun in your own way



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