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Sales and Business Development in Barcelona


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Job Description

Negotiating with partners, clients and potential investors.

The ideal candidate would be a recent graduate on anything related to business development whose main interest is making practices with a real startup and introduce himself into the startup community. Also it is needed real interest in the product that we offer and learning on it. Being located in Barcelona area is not indispensable but desirable unless you have a very clear vision on what you can achieve in any other place.

Candidates with technical background who want to introduce themselves into startup environment are also welcome as long as they can develop sales tasks.

Does not need to be a full time job. Ideally we should negotiate a basic income and/or shares and bigger incomes based on results.

The basic income in no way will be enough by itself to sustain a living, and if it is it will be subject to high uncertainty due to the nature of the company. So don't apply if you are looking for a job in the usual sense of the term. Don't try to fool yourself. You won't fool me.
It's not an adequate opportunity for people whose main interest is moving to Barcelona. Again, don't try to fool yourself.
Apple sucks. If you don't agree we will have different views. Do not pretend that I join your view. I won't pretend the opposite.

Apply if your main interest is learning in a real scenario or if you see a very clear business opportunity that you want to get advantage from.

Please see for a better understanding of the project.

Please specify how you fit with the specifications here expressed when you apply: if you are interested on partial time, why you are interested, etc. Otherwise your application could be rejected without further explanation.


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