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Ruby on Rails Backend Developer in Madrid

20,000 - €30,000
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Job Description

Your mission?
In a team of Ruby on Rails and PHP engineers, and system administrators, along with the CTO, project managers and the front-end development team, you create and improve various applications:

For internal use:
- help our sales representatives with their activities
- allow them to keep track of their bonuses in real time
- create and optimise our API
- standardise the integration of applications
- monitor sales for our partners

For external use to help our clients:
- manage automatic recalls
- enable subscription to group purchases
- improve client experience through automatic emails after a sale

You are involved in international projects for France, Italy, Spain, Austria, the UK, Belgium, Japan, Turkey.

Your objective? Taking up challenges when it comes to our international growth, in countries where energy norms are very different. You write clear and solid code that can support our global expansion.

Our tools

Ruby on Rails 4.2 and 5
Sidekiq (background)
API in format
Docker for development and production
Nginx as reverse proxy
MySQL, PostgreSQL
Many tests with MiniTest and webmock
Slack for internal communication
BaseCamp for project management
Git and Github
DataDog + Telegraf + InfluxDB + Grafana for server and application monitoring
SemaphoreCI for integration and continuous rollout thanks to Docker



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