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Ruby Developer in Amsterdam


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Job Description

About our workflow

We believe that software is gardening. We trust each other to make good decisions, to provide and accept good feedback and we believe that Ruby is a reasonable vehicle for supporting the growth of our business.

Our main toolkit includes Rails for our majestic monolith, Rack, Sinatra and Sqewer for our services, RSpec for testing, and a number of supporting libraries. Our UI is a modern React/Redux single-page app.

We believe that a service is not something you put "out there" and forget. By maintaining our infrastructure and software well we try to keep our code clean, our tests passing, and our technical debt within reasonable margins. We are certain that any fashion, be it monoliths or microservices, is to be applied sparingly – for example, we split our services based on data isolation and vastly different load profiles.

Our releases are in the hands of our amazing Platform team, using Terraform and Ansible to deploy on an elastic fleet of EC2 instances.

What you’ll be doing

You'll be responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of our various Ruby services. Together with the platform team you will take your ideas from implementation to production, serving our millions of users.

Some projects you will be working on are:

  • A distributed job queue system splicing and processing millions of files daily
  • A streaming download server, pushing terabytes of traffic
  • A pack of micro- and medium-services that comprise our platform
  • Exciting new features of the main WeTransfer experience
  • Our various open-source libraries

Who we are looking for?

Above all else we value open communication and good teamwork to achieve a shared vision. You are someone who has solid, conversational Ruby and love to apply it (you know your Rspec from your Minitest, your Exception from your StandardError, your Symbol from your String and your stabby lambda from your Proc). You love working with the language and making more of it.

More about you....

● are very comfortable communicating in written English
● get what our users like, and believe in our ethos of keeping things simple
● have code that you wrote in the last few years that you are comfortable showing and discussing during the interview
● do not shy open-source work and open discussions on Github
● are not afraid of other languages: experience with Elixir, Go, C or Haskell is a plus


About WeTransfer

  • Saa S

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