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Ruby Backend Developer in Madrid


Est. Salary
35,000 - €45,000
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Job Description

Are you a Ruby and Rails fan? This MacBook could be yours!


Come and work with us! Why not? Think about it: you program the application that powers festivals like Sonar, GABS and Lollapalooza, and then you get to go to them for free! If you are nice and play well, you might even get a trackpad.


Because we are growing and our small team can no longer go without holidays. They are becoming thin and pale and ugly, like very smart and hard-working zombies.


Are you….

  • Good? Do you like helping people just because it feels great in that appendage to the left of your chest?
  • Curious? Do you question everything? Is why your favourite word alongside Ruby? Has it gotten you into trouble?
  • Old? In body or spirit? Have you been proven wrong more times that you can count? Have you made mistakes so big you thought your career was over?
  • Pragmatic? Do you make things work first, and think about acronyms %w[LOC SOLID REST CRUD DRY] later? Do you write code first, then test?
  • Funny? Even if its only you that seems to think so?
  • Humble? Have you ever called yourself a ninja? Then no, you are not.

Are you looking for…

  • Responsibility: Do you want to feel the excitement of deploying your code days after completion? Do you want to say proudly that this or that mistake was your fault and be eager to fix it?
  • Freedom: Do you want to make your own hours? (metaphor for we will squeeze the life out of you). Work from anywhere? Call your boss a moron?
  • Challenges: Festivals evolve just as quick as technology does. Can you guess what technology will be the one to evolve them for the better? Which one will change even the concept of “going to a festival”? We can…
  • Good times: lets face it, between programming for NASA or your cousins shop, code is code. But we would all chose NASA. We don’t offer space travel, but we do offer the next best thing: Music Festivals.
  • A brand new Mac: Well, you have read this far…

Do you know about…

This Mac does not come for free (we tried), we must insist that you wait until you cover at least 3 of the items in this list.

  • Ruby: This is a must, we work with ruby, why don’t you?
  • Rails: Again, If you don’t know rails, you are not our friend.
  • SQL: we work with Postgres, but any SQLesque will do.
  • Javascript: We know, we know. Which one? Well… React. But if you are who we want you to be, you will think you could change our minds.
  • Sys Ops: Amazon EC2, RDS, EBS, VPCs. Docker, Capistrano, Redis… But we are eager to change to something better and that will make us look cooler in the next ruby convention.

And when we say “cover” we mean that you have proven experience (+3 years) in them, that you have an interface to show for it (yes, we want to see interfaces first, then code), and that it is in production, working, and being used.

We are very glad that you have all these folders with rails apps ready to go, but unless they are being used by someone. We. Don't. Care.

We want you to have had to argue your way to a design with other programmers, that you have had to do the best with what was given, not to see how your 3 LOC sorter algorithm works.

That means Gems, contributions, teamwork, compromise, going bald, hating the world and eventually, the sweet release of early retirement.

Do you like…

It is all very well and good that you came this far, it means you cover at least 3 of the Experience section points, and that you don’t think we are total morons.

But that MacBook would be even closer if, on top of that, you could for example:

  • Design: Maybe you have a photoshop genius inside? Maybe you just love beautiful things. Either way, we have no idea what you are talking about, and that is why we need you!
  • UX: See where this is going? Yes, we want you to know about the journey of the actual user, the real one. We want you to ask, and then to apply that knowledge to improve the lives of people.
  • QA: Have you ever worked as a QA engineer? We like you already.
  • Testing: Are you a testing fanatic? Rspec and capybara are our weapons. Can you improve on them? Do you know how the hell is Javascript tested properly? We don’t

If you think this was all a joke, that we don’t take things seriously enough or didn’t understand all the Apple references, stop here.

If you know exactly what we are talking about, if you feel represented by (some of) these qualities, and if you think of both Denis Ritchie and Steve Jobs as gods, if you think programmers are supposed to make complex things simple, come talk to us.


  • You will be developing a new disruptive technology solution that is revolutionizing the live events industry, and working in a team towards building an amazing product for the future.
  • A diverse, energetic and fun environment
  • Unique professional growth – We’re a smart, diverse, ambitious and hard-working team. We guarantee you’ll develop your skills, and your cross-industry and cross-functional knowledge immeasurably.
  • Start up culture – We work in the live events industry where our clients’ business is delivering entertainment. We work hard, however in many ways this doesn't feel like work. You’ll be given plenty of opportunity to direct your work according to your passion.


About Glownet

  • Saa S

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