Python/Django developer in Barcelona


20.000 € - 40.000 €
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Job Description

We are creating a fintech solution for individuals and business and you may join us for fun & profit! We are looking for a full time developer with good skills on Python (and Django framework) to work with us remotely. Typically we will collaborate using Trello (y’all know: backlog and stuff), video calls and Slack.

- Philosophy - Company values

As a startup, the company structure is loose, meaning we are all connected directly to each other. You will join a team instead of ‘filling a position’.

We must stress three principles that apply to everyone here:
· Customer-centric
· Transparency and ‘reporting when it happens’
· Zero short-cuts

As you will invest most of your time with technical aspects, you should also note:

· Code is related to business features and connected to metrics

If you feel you fit with us, please keep on reading.

- Responsabilities:

· Build a backend system that handles API calls, the core algorithm and server-related tasks
· Build a frontend using Django (showing users the results of our core)
· Build a pre-QA system and start using it!
· Backend related tasks:
· Connect to a third-party API
Well documented (used by 15k developers)
We’ve paid support (squeeze it)
Handle Users and Authorization (OAuth 2.0)
Obtain a JSON and extract relevant data to an array

- The core
Combine arrays (from API and ORM) to produce a list
Use of map,reduce,filter and comprehensions
Discuss the algorithm with the CTO
Focus on readability and efficiency (execution time/CPU usage)
- Frontend related tasks:
· Handle Users
· Authentification, roles, Social login
· Focus on Security

- Build views
Simple bootstrap templates
- QA and server related tasks:

Prepare the server
Batch processes (nightly)

Quality Assurance
Unit testing
Integration testing
Static code analysis
Cyclomatic complexity analysis
Continuous integration
- Technologies:
Django Framework
OAuth 2.0

If you feel comfortable working with more than 8 of these technologies, please send us an email. Let’s talk!


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