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Prospective Co-Founder in London


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Job Description

Rural Handmade is looking to recruit lead from UK/ Europe.

Job responsibility and personality traits

1. Operations support
2. Creative design
3. Data analytics
4. Hustler
5. Gregarious
6. Experience in startups
7. Getting Investment ready.
8. B2B leads generation.

Rural Handmade is a disruptive, design excellence based, direct-to-consumer brand. Rural Handmade partners with artisans to create data-driven, best-performing handmade products for a dynamic global market. Our aim is to revolutionize, develop and promote the use of untapped human capital.

- Sustainability: Low/Zero carbon footprint, long-lasting products, using natural resources responsibly without releasing harmful substances to the environment.
- Shared prosperity: Income generation, consistent employment, skill development, empower the maker, greater social economic impact.
- Market knowledge and forecasting: Deep know-how in data analytics, key buying behaviors, understanding of market dynamics, use of AI and big-data
- Quick turnaround from idea inception to market: Fast response to market forecast, responsive and lean supply chain and artisan force, speedy logistics and distribution
- Re-inventing fair trade: Radically changing the existing fair trade practices for greater impact by creating innovative partnerships whose impact can be measured against fair trade’s principles.
- Improve manufacturing efficiency and safety: Share technology know-how and safety principles with artisans
- Design excellence: Beyond products that satisfy consumer senses, we incorporate scientifically driven considerations on performance and quality. We integrate data, design and development.
- Global Platform: Connecting rural artisans with worldwide consumer markets, moving away from mass-handmade production to meaningful and valued artisanal production (putting love back into handmade).

Leveraging design creativity, innovation for social and economic benefit using sustainable models in the Handmade space.
-Integrating STEM( Science technology engineering maths) concepts into product development of handmade products.
-Connecting the handmade industry to specific purchasing habit, or cults or lifestyles.
-Create an ecosystem of artisans and make use of ICTs and specific T&D principles for knowledge transfer.
-Contemporary design collaborations in conjunction with the current sales channel.

  • Ecommerce

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