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Product Director (M/W) in Barcelona


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Job Description

Your missions as a Product Director is to ensure that all FTs deliver a coherent product roadmap impacting business through differentiating features:`

Discovery: be the voice of our sellers. You know the different personna among our sellers, the painpoints they experience, their tools ecosystem….


  • Tribe’s strategy: you set the long term vision for your tribe and its FTs, assuming  bets and answering basic needs from our customers. Through regular competition benchmark, you know which USP to promote to make ManoMano unique. You are the go between with your business stakeholders at ManoMano
  • Tribe’s roadmap: both a long term roadmap (Now/Next/Later) giving macro vision and more detailed roadmap every quarter. Prioritizing most urgent user needs, integrating company goals and answering key business needs will be part of the journey


  • Coordination: you have the macro view over your FTs and are able to make the call for cross teams solutions and anticipate dependencies. You also coordinate with other Lead PMs to ensure that we all go into the same direction. You work closely with your EM (Engineering Manager) to ensure roadmap feasibility. Spread your tribe knowledge from one FT to another.
  • Ownership: you monitor your FTs NSM (North Star Metric) and understand why your own NSM might go up or down understanding mix effects from your FT. You take actions when your main KPI goes down. You also monitor your teams delivery speed and help them continuously improve with the help of Scrum Masters


  • Tribe influence: you represent your tribes in company strategic meetings (eg. Gears) and strategic product meetings. You are able to drive complicated decisions where several stakeholders are involved taking into account each one point of view.
  • PMs management: you manage your PMs on a daily basis, making them grow, challenging them in a positive way and coaching them. Weekly 1:1, quarterly review and tribe events will be the basics of your manager duties


Hard skills:

  • Proven product management experience: you can demonstrate a significant experience in product area (8+ years ideally) and you have a strong track record of achievements both on
  • Delivery: you structured product organization, made teams grow, improved delivery process
  • Strategy and discovery: you have success stories backed by hard data where your product initiatives created a significant business difference
  • Project management : you can anticipate potential risks (technical, operational, legal or business), you always are one step ahead of current advancement, you are able to zoom in to solve operational problems as well as to zoom out to present a clear strategic roadmap. You always fight complexity
  • Communication : be it written or oral, you are able to express clearly technical or business problems. You have a strong synthesis capacity. You are able to adapt your communication to the person you are talking to. Empathy is one of your strength, and you are able to calm down discussions when people disagree.
  • Management and leadership : you proved to be a leader even on a small team, you are able to get the most of your colleagues and make them grow.  
  • E-commerce expertise: you have worked in an e-commerce environment and you know well the basics (catalog management, search, logistics, payments…), you are familiar with marketplace concepts (supply, demand, network effect…).

Soft skills:

  • Agility, Speed and Entrepreneurial fire : experience in strong growth environment where company changes every 6 months, ability to pivot quickly or take decision with only 80% of the information
  • Data driven : not only can you perform basic data analysis through tools like Amplitude or basic queries via SQL but your mind is data biaised. Every project you launch start with KPI definition and target. You see data as a strategic asset for the company and you try to maximise it in every project you start (eg with Machine Learning learning features)
  • Bold, ingenious and care : these are the 3 ManoMano values, they are a prerequisite to join us!

  • DIY (bonus): you are found of DIY, refurbishing an apartment or a house is part of your hobbies, this is great!

  • Academics : you come from a “Grande Ecole” or University, preferably with an engineer background (business background is also ok if you are tech savvy).

  • If you started your own company (even if a failure), this is an extra bonuses!
  • English is also a prerequisite.


About ManoMano

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