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Product Analyst in Barcelona


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Job Description

Product Analysts role at Zeptolab work closely with game teams to create unique products and help their key metrics grow.

Zeptolab is a data-driven company. As a result, product analysts are a key part of the team. Product analysts help teams ID problems & opportunities in existing products and help them find solutions which have the biggest impact for the most players.

A Zeptolab Product Analyst should be able to work independently, digging through data sets to help the game team find direction, yet also excel at cooperation and communication. In our opinion the best Product Analysts 'level up' the team by helping everyone- even those without a lot of math training- understand the benefits, risks, and opportunities of being data driven.

Our company currently consists of 120 employees and we devote significant attention to meticulously selecting each specialist. Everyone is naturally curious and eager to share and absorb new information.

What to expect:

  • Work on a product in close cooperation with Product Manager and Game Designer.
  • Analysis of all the possible aspects of the product, both using simple data processing methods (e.g. Excel) and more complex ones (data processing using Python and machine learning).
  • Opportunities to influence the product (you’ll be able to make critical decisions that will markedly change user behavior).
  • Drive! (Hundreds of millions of players will witness the results of your decisions and ideas worldwide. This is the level of responsibility on our team’s shoulders and we’re looking for someone as driven as we are).

What we expect from you:

  • 1+ of experience working the gaming industry (or 2 as a product analyst for mobile products).
  • Strong spoken English skills (a confident Upper-Intermediate level or better).
  • Strong self-organization skills and a great talent for communication.
  • The ability to form hypotheses, make conclusions and suggest ideas: these are not just buzz words, but rather extremely specific skills that are essential to master.
  • Structural and Critical thinking skills.


About Zeptolab

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