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Lead Software Engineer - with potential to become CTO in London

Growth Biotech

65,000 - €100,000
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Job Description

We are looking for a dynamic, proven engineering lead to help us launch a B2B technology platform to make trading cannabis products as easy as any other commodity or product. We’ve taken low fidelity wireframes to potential customers and users and we’ve even sat in the shoes of our users - so we have developed a good understanding of the main problems we need to solve. We’ve also validated one set of potential solutions - but we’re looking for someone who brings other potential solutions to the table too.

We want someone hands-on who will do much of the initial coding themself - looking to build a team as we progress working closely with UX and product team members. The right candidate should expect to be considered for a CTO position as we grow.


Build and operate a new tech platform to facilitate trade of legal cannabis products. Our vision is that our tech platform will become the go-to-marketplace for legal cannabis products. Your role will require you to:

Work autonomously to identify the best systems to enable the product to be launched - working alone and supplementing your own ability with additional team members as required / appropriate. We aren’t tied to any particular tech stack - we’ll be looking to you to advise on the best route to achieve what we need short term - but built to scale over the long term.
Manage and maintain all internal and external systems, ensuring scalable technology architecture, high velocity agile development, solid uptime and reliability.
Work closely with UX and product team members to create solutions to customer problems, prioritise and scope work to deliver a consumer-grade experience.
Delivery of initial product fast and releasing regular updates to reflect customer-focused improvements including additional features.
Collaborating with business stakeholders to determine key priorities. Helping non-technical team members understand problems and solutions in a user-friendly way.


5 + years of engineering experience with a record of delivering projects - working alone & in teams - getting things done wherever you work.

Record of solving problems alone - using a range of solutions to best suit the problem.

Experience managing a full-stack team or proven ability to step up to a management role.

Experience managing new product development, operational support, dev, tech and managing engineering-related costs.

Highly analytical and capable of synthesising data to inform product roadmap.

About our product

Cannabis is a fascinating commodity. Although it is known best for getting people ‘high’ - more and more uses are being found by legal businesses including industries like healthcare, health and wellbeing, beauty, construction and clothing - as well as many others.

Despite its many benefits - trading in hemp and other cannabis products is hugely complex, supply chains are opaque and finding what you need is hugely time-consuming. We want to change that - and we want our tech platform to be at the centre of it - building an exchange / marketplace that connects participants in a way that solves the problems they really have.

We have experience in our customers’ shoes and we plan to keep our potential users involved to keep focused on the problems they face. We’ll be looking to run experiments often to test hypotheses and we’ll be looking to make data-driven decisions wherever possible.

About us & where you fit in

Our small team are all really enthusiastic about the industry we work in. Our industry is unparallelled in its pace of development. We are a cross-functional team from scientists to sales - what combines us that we’re all great at what we do. This is an opportunity like no other with the chance to join an industry at its inception, to shape the culture of an industry and not just a team.

The right person will be enthusiastic, good at working autonomously and able to get stakeholder input when needed - even when everyone else is busy. You know how to get things done and you’re no daunted by a huge opportunity.

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