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Lead Software Engineer (PITC) in Amsterdam


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INDG, a fine mixture of 3D artistry and meaningful engineering, is looking for a LEAD SOFTWARE ENGINEER to join us in Amsterdam. This is one of the most senior development position we have. Expats welcome!



Historically, INDG has been producing 3D for large companies like Adidas, Yamaha, Philips, Electrolux and such. This results in still images and videos (like this), but also in all sorts of interactive applications. Check this out:


Landing page with lots of 3D


Yamaha apps


Augmented reality for Honda


There are others—VR, interactive installations and configurators (like this), but you get the idea. Some of them are one-offs, like you would expect from a 3D digital agency. Others, however, are not and those are the ones that are interesting.


The landing page above, for example, has been produced using our own engine called (for now) PEX — short for Product EXperience. It’s stable, it’s capable of graceful degradation for slow connections and mobile devices alike, it’s developed in sprints, documented, has release control and full-stack testing.


Engineering within INDG

So you can see that we take engineering very seriously. The reason for that is a bit philosophical. Our motto is to make ‘every product playable’, where ‘every’ is stressed. So, ideally, we’d like to produce rich sites for, say, the whole portfolio of Philips—which is thousands of items.


One can’t do that within the paradigm of a digital agency, because for agencies each project is a one-off and costs a lot. A lot times thousands of products is A LOT. And so we decided to move into two domains: self-service design (think Readymag-like things) and auto-generated design which is a really, really cool concept but really, really sophisticated to implement.


However, a lot of things we already did. For example, we scripted and streamlined the process of 3D modelling. We can model a lot of stuff in short time and you can kinda see that there isn’t that great a leap from this to auto-generating videos for example.


PITC (‘The secret product’)

We have a number of ‘auto-generated design’ projects. The one we invite a Lead Software Engineer to work on, generates photography. I can’t go into details since it hasn’t been launched, but you will get a demo if you apply. It also aroused great interest from several brands that you know very, very well.


This product is to be launched this summer and if successful, the Lead Software Engineer will be able to claim to have produced an extremely impactful project, and I’m not writing it lightly.



This is the top position we have—a senior position and a leadership position. INDG is currently a very fluent organization, where you can express your ideas to everyone and they will be heard. Talent is also rare, so basically within reasonable limits it is you who decides what you want to become. So if you’re a great engineer interested in visual arts, but feel like you don’t fit in exactly this role, write nevertheless.


You will also see that the ‘responsibilities’ are on different levels. True; product team has more to do than it has members. But when, in some months, it specializes, people with most experience are likely to get the most senior positions, so again—if it’s opportunity you’re after, this is a good place to be.


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