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Lead Product Designer in Barcelona

Mega Particle

50,000 - €110,000
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Job Description

Virtual Reality is in its infancy. We’re all trying to figure out the best way to build immersive experiences. You’ll be flying in uncharted space, exploring new dimensions of design and user experience, and defining best practices that may well have an impact on the entire industry. Your focus will be designing imagining and designing Social VR experiences.

This is no ordinary gig. You won’t be building something simple. You might not have the luxury of being able to draw upon years of accumulated knowledge and expertise. Sometimes you’ll be flying blind, sometimes you’ll have to make your own rules.

To excel in this unfamiliar territory and make game-changing VR experiences, you should:-

- Have a basic understanding of how spatial design is different than 2D and must have a passion for VR!
- Ideally have experience in designing games - both singleplayer and multiplayer
- Also have a breadth of experience in designing user experiences on various platforms
- Demonstrate awareness and appreciation of simplified and streamlined UX
- Be creatively versatile, and have the ability to think about design holistically
- Understand gamification, narrative design, and player behaviour
- Understand how different facets of design - visual, interactive, and logical - can be tied together to build one coherent product
- Be curious to learn about what’s happening in the VR space and how the envelope is being pushed
- Have at least 3 years of experience in designing products or user experience.
- Immaculate attention to detail is a must.

As our Lead Product Designer, you will be expected to hold and tie together all the different product threads of art, design, and development. This will involve:-

- Analyzing user behaviour and relevant data to gain insight into how our products are used
- Proposing new features and optimizations to make products better and maximize company goals
- Conceptualizing entire UX systems, breaking them down, codifying them, and working with each functional team to ensure that their execution is on point
- Performing some high-level hands-on work (such as creating sketches, wireframes, flowcharts, and mockups) to flesh out tentative ideas
- Building and updating design documents for product-wide use and application
- Keeping yourself and your teams updated with design and implementation techniques being used (or theoretically explored) in the VR space

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