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Lead Engineer in Amsterdam


70,000 - €80,000
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Job Description

~ We are not currently able to sponsor a VISA or relocate you to Amsterdam ~

We're looking for a Lead Engineer to join our young company. Specialized in frontend (React / ReactNative, TypeScript / JavaScript), backend (TypeScript, Firebase, MySQL), or fullstack. You'll be part of the founding team that's building the next professional network by focusing on meaningful introductions and real relationships.

It'll be the ride of a lifetime. All aboard!

- Engineering role in Amsterdam
- Transparent compensation, in salary and stock options
- Self-learning ability valued more than academic experience
- Passion for tech with an affinity for our stack
- Lay the foundation on which the company grows
- Perks and Benefits to keep you productive

For this position, we're open to frontend specialists, backend specialists as well as fullstack engineers.

We build our frontend in Node.js, React and React Native. This means Javascript should be familiar to you, and you'd love to explore more of its hidden treasures. Typescript is something that interests you, and perhaps you might've already tried it once or twice.
You'll mostly be building mobile apps, so some familiarity with iOS and/or Android is a plus.

We're building our backend in Node.js, Express and Typescript, and use Apollo Server to expose our Graphql API. Building, testing and deploying are fully automated so we can quickly and continuously develop and ship new features.
Our backend runs on Google Cloud Platform using MySQL, Redis and AppEngine, as well as other GCP backends like Firebase. Some familiarity with cloud infrastructure, for instance GCP or AWS, is necessary for you to hit the ground running. As we expand, we also plan to dive into graph search and real-time messaging.

We're starting small, but we've learned from our previous experience that building a social/professional network comes with unique scalability challenges. You'd get the opportunity to learn with us as we grow, or to apply your own experience in building highly scalable systems.


> Become a founding team member

> Experienced mentorship

> Transparent Compensation

> Space to grow


> Diverse backgrounds

> Affinity for our stack

> Learning mindset

> Obsessed with tech

> Team first


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