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Contract position: 40-80 hours per month initially, to increase Autumn 2019, with option to move to employee position rather than contract later in the year. £45/hour.

Our Lead Developer will be responsible for the maintenance and development of a single-page typescript web app using angular; a mobile version of the application written using react native; and a rest api app server written using node.js.

You would be the sole developer initially, picking up a sturdy, well documented codebase. We’d be looking to grow the development team in 2020 and beyond with your support.

We are looking for someone excited by the idea of growing and improving a piece of software that is evangelised by it’s flourishing community. You have to want to make it better. You will work directly with the CEO to plan and spec features and will work with the Writer Support, Clare, to work on and rectify bugs.

You will have a lot of autonomy and input into the product roadmap if you want it.

We would like you to be able to work some fixed hours (Eg. Monday and Wednesday afternoons GMT) and then some roaming hours on your own schedule - this is to allow for collaboration with the team on changes and bug fixes but also maintenance work as and when it is needed.

For summer 2019, we need between 40 and 80 hours of development but expect that this will rise significantly from October ‘19 - ideally you would be in a position to pick up more work or move to a fixed contract later in the year.

(Other relevant technologies not mentioned - prosemirror for the editor (based on react) and database technologies are: primarily MongoDB, postgres for long-term storage)


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