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Lead Developer in Barcelona


45,000 - €65,000
1.0 - 5.0%
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Job Description

monqi is offering the opportunity for a Lead Developer to grow into our CTO role. This individual will be the first developer in-house and will help build and manage the development team around them. We are looking for someone who wants to step up into the leadership role and take monqi to the next level as we scale globally.

• Own the technical architecture for monqi's data, application and presentation layers
• Ownership of the technical strategy (tools, structure etc.)
• Manage the development of the mobile app (Android, iOS) and server (Spring framework)
• Responsible for the day-to-day technical deliverables and operations
• Manage all aspects of monqi's technical infrastructure
• Communicate engineering objectives clearly and succinctly to the business
• Handover to future developers & mentor said developers to build the core development team
• Ensure future proof code which allows for maximum flexibility for unexpected updates & improvements
• Provide accurate time estimates for various jobs, based on requirements & design
• Grow into the companywide CTO

• 7+ years of experience working at great companies in engineering leadership roles, and have seen what success looks like
• Proven track record of hiring, managing and motivating productive engineering teams
• Hands-on development ability
• Experience in delivering mobile-friendly, user-centered applications
• Experience working with distributed / contract teams, with the goal of transitioning these roles in-house


About Monqi

  • Saa S

Our mission is to enable children, as young as 6-12 years, to be independent users of smartphones and tablets and provide parents the opportunity to stay close. With monqi’s products, parents can introduce smartphones and tablets to their children - safely. monqi can grow with the child as parents can manage features, apps, cost, time spent, set schedules, and observe behaviors, whereabouts and use patterns. monqi is the best way for children to start using a smartphone and tablet and for parents to stay close and play a part.

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