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Junior Software Engineer in Paris


35,000 - €45,000
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Job Description

As a Junior Senior Software Engineer, you'll be focused on making our web applications the best they can be!

You'll report directly to the CTO and get into heated debates with him about the tech stack, but we like to keep an open mind and learn everyday so that should be fun. You'll also benefit from more senior developers' expertise through mentorship and support.

Our web apps are built with React.js (GatsbyJS) and Vue.js so experience with a major JS framework is required (ideally React and Vue.js).

Major bonus points if you also have a taste for design/UI/UX, we want Moon to work flawlessly but also be beautiful to use and look at.

We have the major ambition to be part of a healthcare revolution and are looking for passionate people to embark on this exciting journey with us! 💪

About Moon

  • Healthcare

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