Junior Engineer in Barcelona


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Job Description

BlitWorks is a company focused on videogame porting.

We work on indie and AAA games, global and international projects, and are fast and flexible in adapting to all kinds of customers.
We are also official developers for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, Android.

The quality of the ports is something that most game reviewers are highlighting, and this is the result of the very high technical level of our team. Now we're facing new challenges and we would like to expand the team with more incredibly talented people.

We are looking for a skilled Junior engineer to join our team, learn and grow with us.

- Good level of C++ and Assembly language knowledge (dealing with big/little endianness, making code that compiles in several different platforms, etc)
- Good level of OpenGL(ES) and DirectX knowledge (knowledge of GPU architecture, bottleneck finding, performance optimization)
- Good knowledge of 3D math and graphics techniques
- Basic-level knowledge of gameplay programming
- Excellent written and oral communication skills in English
- Good teamwork skills
- Attention to detail in results and presentation

- Experience in videogame porting
- Experience building console emulators
- Experience on videogame platforms (console, PC or mobile)

- Full time job at BlitWorks office

About Blitworks

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