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Junior Developer in Madrid


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Job Description

Here at Ubiqum Code Academy, we transform total beginners into junior developers in 800 hours (20 weeks). Our methodology is to learn-by-doing and it follows Agile principles: planning, doing, feedback, and iterating. There are no lectures, graded exams, and teachers. Instead, the students are coding on Day 1 on a project that is a simulation of real-life work. On this project is a mentor who is 100% invested in the student's learning process. This is where you come into the picture:

What we are looking for:

We are looking for a Junior Developer who is interested in joining our teams which simulate real-life projects. You will be doing a lot of coaching and mentoring so you must have a passion for helping other people, especially those who want to learn how to code.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • At least 1 year of working experience in industry as a JavaScript OR Java developer
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript AND Java (you will be required to pass a technical test and interview)
  • Can communicate in English and Spanish
  • Passion for helping people to learn how to code


  • 2 years or more of working experience in industry as a software developer
  • Experience with MERN: MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js
  • Experience in teaching, mentoring, or coaching
  • Experience working in Agile frameworks such as Scrum
  • Computer Science Degree OR relevant programming certification

What you can expect at Ubiqum:

Ubiqum is a global company with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam, and growing! You will be surrounded by people from different backgrounds and nationalities and will be working in amazing offices with a lot of social activities and opportunities to network. We value your learning and you will have a career development program to improve your skills. Most importantly, you will be working with people with big hearts who are always ready to help other people learn how to code - including you!

If you have what it takes to be part of our team, please send your cv to


About Ubiqum

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