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Junior Blockchain Engineer in London


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Job Description

As a Junior Blockchain Engineer you will be part of a team of Engineers delivering the core Clearmatics technology product. This includes the core Blockchain node and a suite of innovative smart contracts. The Blockchain space is young and evolving so the role would suit a self-starter who is ready to dive into the space with support from Senior Engineers.

You should be familiar with reading documentation and figuring things out yourself but not afraid to ask when you need help. You will have the opportunity to work with and learn from more experienced Blockchain Engineers and assist in creating and maintaining Open Source projects and the core technology platform.

Clearmatics has an ambitious program to create a suite of Blockchain tools and products that will enhance the ecosystem and form the basis for future products and businesses. By joining Clearmatics you will have the opportunity to help create these tools and products in an environment where research and experimentation is valued.

Daily tasks include

  • Bug fixing on existing codebases
  • Performance testing on existing codebases
  • Producing documentation
  • Completing Agile tickets
  • Enhancing existing tooling
  • Contributing to design discussions

Familiarity with technologies is less important than an aptitude for learning but some of the technologies and tooling we use include Ethereum, Golang, Python, Solidity, Terraform, Gitlab CI, Git, GPG, Agile.

About Clearmatics

At Clearmatics, we are tackling the hard problems in the Blockchain space.

Our growing Engineering team includes a Solidity Bug Bounty winner, a member of the Ethereum Core Security Team as well as experience from The Ethereum Foundation, Skype, Online Gaming and Aerospace & Defence. We are active members of the Ethereum ecosystem.

The team is working in an area of rapid innovation and has a strong Open Source ethos. We have implemented a thoroughly researched privacy solution involving Stealth Addresses and Ring Signatures and are currently working on how to interoperate Ethereum based chains without an intermediary.

Other areas of current research include zkSNARKs, multiparty computation, private transactions/assets), protocol design (e.g. proof relays/pegs), formally verified smart contracts, and type-safe and performant distributed virtual machine architectures.

Things we value

  • Self-learning and sharing of knowledge
  • Collaboration, both verbally and in code
  • Honesty and the humility to say "I don't understand this"
  • Making evidence-based decisions
  • The ability to explore new areas in the field
  • Show me the thing

How we work

  • A single cross-functional Agile team
  • Bi-weekly sprints
  • Weekly retrospectives
  • Weekly estimation sessions
  • Monthly releases

What we believe in

We share a belief that Blockchain technologies have the potential to disrupt well-established industries, reduce corruption and automate many cost-intensive processes. We realise though, that the industry is still young and that there are many hard problems to solve. This element of the unknown fuels the Engineering team at Clearmatics.


The successful candidate must:

1. Have an understanding of Computer Science fundamentals (data structures, algorithmic complexity, etc)

2. Have some experience in strongly-typed languages (C/C++, Goland, Scala, Rust)

3. Have some interest in Ethereum / the cryptocurrency space

The successful candidate should:

1. Be a self-learner but not afraid to ask for help when they need to.

2. Be comfortable working in a self-organising team.

3. Be comfortable communicating in verbal and written format.

It would be nice if the successful candidate:

1. Has some understanding of cryptography

2. Attends Blockchain related meetups

3. Writes Open Source code for personal projects.


About Clearmatics

  • Blockchain

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