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Javascript (React) Developer in Barcelona

Est. Salary
30,000 - €40,000
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Job Description

Hola! – one of the most exciting Czech companies building a global flights directory, allowing customers to find and book the best and cheapest flights. We're growing like crazy, expecting even more. To achieve that, we want to have a great team of motivated and fun individuals, who are not scared of a challenge or of tasks they may not have encountered before. There're not enough hours in a day to progress as fast as we want. That is why we're looking for a Full Stack Developer.

You will work with most modern DevStack on our main product:
  • ReactJS, Redux, Webpack, Flow typed, Immutable JS, Babel, Cypress integration testing, Jest unit testing, React Storybook, Screenshot testing, Isomorphic/Universal rendering
  • Frontend teams with mixed DEVs, UX and QA
  • Combination of Scrum and Kanban agile workflows with 1 week release sprints
  • You can also participate in our side projects written in Elm, MeteorJs, Angular2, Typescript, Python, etc.

  • Javascript in the browser and on the server
  • Previous experience with React (If you know well other frameworks such as Backbone, Angular, Ember, Vue.js, basic experience with React is enough.)
  • HTML5, CSS3, DOM, browser APIs and how the web works
  • Some versioning system, preferably Git

Why it rocks to be at
  • We deploy immediately after a job is completed, not after months of QA
  • Do, fail, learn – repeat! We understand that mistakes happen and we learn fast
  • We decide which cutting-edge technologies are appropriate for the task
  • We love contributing and using Open Source
  • We visit and speak at conferences and technological events worldwide
  • We code at hackathons and other competitions
  • We support the local technological community
  • We use our work time wisely with a friendly vacation policy and work schedule
  • We also like to party and hang out together
  • Besides a fair salary, we can also look forward to quarterly bonuses dependent on our performance

Interested? Join us and hack the traditional ways of travel!



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