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JavaScript Developer with a Passion for Games in Barcelona


Est. Salary
30,000 - €42,000
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Job Description

What would be your role?

As part of the new game development initiative working on greenfield projects you will have an exciting opportunity and a great impact on its future. We don’t work in silos and don’t pass responsibility; build something great and take it all the way to the players. We welcome you to show us the latest rendering tricks, get stuck into the architecture or optimise our build steps and deployment flow, either directly or by giving feedback on pull requests. We share ownership of everything we create together.

We pride ourselves on our products pushing the expectations of the industry and standing out in the crowd. You will be joining a team with a goal to push the online casino experience further into unexplored territory than ever before. As part of the team you will collaborate daily with game designers, artists, mathmagicians and players, participating fully in the creative process. Our brand new studio has a seat waiting for you. Come and destroy boredom with us.

Who are you?

You have worked on interesting and successful game projects in JS and have stories to share of what you’ve learned along the way. You feel most at home in highly collaborative environments and are hungry to learn and share. You are open minded, honest and dependable, and take pride in what you create.

Does this sound like you?

  • Can create visually rich and highly performant games
  • Comfortable making and communicating important architectural decisions
  • Experienced in an environment where code quality is a high priority
  • Experienced working with casino game platforms and interested in how they are evolving
  • Experienced working across different devices in a mobile first manner
  • Excited to push devices to their limits
  • Have the passion to learn and stay at the cutting edge of what’s possible
  • Happy to take the initiative in situations of uncertainty
  • Eager to step up and take ownership of things that need to be done
  • Have ideas for new, better ways to approach game development

A JavaScript Game Developer at Casumo

At Casumo, we strive to create the optimal developer experience. Since every individual has unique needs and desires we simply stay out of the way. Choose the equipment, tools and schedule that works best for you and your team.

You will play an important role in deciding how we work, but here is an idea of what our days look like right now:

  • Working with modern open web technologies such as HTML5, ES6+
  • Supporting evergreen browsers and devices only (no IE!)
  • Assess, maintain and strive to improve the quality of code via:
    • Pull Requests
    • Unit testing and creating automated performance profiling tools
    • Creating lightweight functional-style JavaScript
    • Analysing and debating design patterns
  • Have a say in how we do things, vote on code style guidelines, convince us that your approach is the right one
  • Being involved in all processes and decision making
  • Communicating over GitHub, Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype & Meatspace

Take responsibility, be pro-active, don’t sit and wait to be given tasks. Instead openly promote and put forward a plan or proposal. Lead, don’t follow. Promote open, constructive dialogue and encourage team collaboration at all times.


About Casumo

  • Games

  • Privately Held

  • Malta & Barcelona

  • >250

  • 2012

Who we are and what we do:

Casumo is the first online adventure-based casino. Our mission is to disrupt the industry by focusing on developing a new betting experience, using gamification and slick UI to provide an unparalleled user experience. We are quite unique in what we do and how we do it and we take pride in our Engineering culture and our Product quality and quirkiness.

Engineering at Casumo

At Casumo, we take pride in our Engineering culture and our Product quality and quirkiness. We have a modern engineering mindset, we move fast, experiment and apply an automated test approach. We believe every individual’s need and desire to be unique and let each developer be the main force for creating their best work environment and make impact. Our engineers collaborate as an international, distributed and highly skilled team. We highly value team spirit and a respectful environment. A humble and open mindset is essential to reach higher aims. We have active contributors to open source (Zipkin, Springboot, Axon framework); we care about knowledge sharing internally and externally, and we mean it. This is why we run internal Tech events and trainings - the latest being Axon - and encourage our staff to attend and/or speak to conferences. The sumos are making real impact by working on an unparalleled product. We explore, experiment and grow together in a small, highly-skilled, energetic and passionate team

What are we currently up to

- Development of new greenfield products using modern technologies

- Creating beautiful UI interactions driven by gestures

- Splitting the entire system into small, more cohesive subsystems and microservices

- New integrations with various game suppliers and payment providers.

Our tech stack:

- Backend side:

Java Microservices, EventSourcing, CQRS, DDD, messaging (RabbitMQ & Kafka) and Axon. Java frameworks: Spring Boot, Spring, Hibernate. Devops: Docker, Jenkins, AWS, cloud

- Frontend side:

KnockOutJS, Durandel, ReactJS, React Native, VueJS.

Check our current positions at casumo careers

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