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Java Developer (Server-side) in Barcelona


Est. Salary
35,000 - €50,000
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Job Description


   •    Development of high-load game backends

   •    Support and optimization of current systems

   •    Improvements in the development process and communication

What we’d like you to have

   •    A rather solid knowledge of Java (or Scala), but if you are a quick learner then C++ or C# may also work for us

   •    Experience with Netty (or anything in the same vein) and networking in general

   •    Experience with writing concurrent code and distributed systems

As a plus

   •    Familiarity with Java 8

   •    Experience with SQL & NoSQL databases. Cassandra and Redis in particular would be a plus

   •    Experience in development of high-load backend systems

   •    Testing skills will be a plus (unit testing, functional testing, performance, integration, etc.)

   •    Experience with Linux, Git, Maven/Gradle/SBT

   •    Skills in DevOps

   •    A burning desire for game development :)

This position requires performing a test task

The task is to implement simple text based IRC server. If you are using Java then Netty framework of any version is preferable. Akka or another framework is allowed as well.
Better to have just a few classes, with no persistence (in memory only).

Please pay extra attention on concurrency and thread safety.

Command set for this server:

/login name password — if user does not exist create profile else login.
/join chat_room — try to join chat room (max 10 active clients per chat room). If chat room does not exist - create it first. If client’s limit exceeded - send an error, otherwise join chat room and send last N messages of activity. Server should support many chat rooms.
/leave - disconnect client.
/users — show users in the channel.
text message terminated with CR - sends message to current channel. Server must send new message to all connected to this channel clients.
We should be able to check this server via simple text based telnet command.


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