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iOS Engineer in Madrid or Remote


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Job Description

Our mission is to improve the employability of millions of workers in the job market. We have created a managed marketplace that connects temporary workers with leading companies with the vision that technology and data are the key leverage to disrupting the temporary labour market.
We have created a platform that makes the job market more transparent and liquid to make this a reality. Our platform digitises all recruitment processes simplifying them and generating data to improve the matching between workers and companies. In addition, we group available job offers and employment procedures so that workers can always get suitable job offers and be permanently employed through Jobandtalent.
This way, workers can gain long term job stability because, as a marketplace, we can continuously offer them job opportunities and improve their work experience as we focus on the best possible experience.

The position

We are looking for a new passionate iOS Engineer to join the Jobandtalent Mobile team.

Your main responsibility will be to work on improving and adding new features to the iOS application, working closely with designers and product managers, as well as other engineers in the cross-functional teams to provide best-in-class mobile experiences.

Interesting things about the iOS app and team

    • We care a lot about good engineering practices and have developed a declarative, unidirectional data flow architecture that we use in all our features. We wrote in more detail about it in our engineering blog.
    • Most iOS engineers are assigned to a cross-functional product team, but we have a core team in charge of the iOS technology and tooling, so we make the rest of the people more efficient and happy while doing their day-to-day tasks.
    • We use a Design System based on Atomic Design that drives all our UI. We also wrote about it in our blog.
    • We don't obsess about code coverage metrics, but we value testing as a way to improve our confidence in making changes to the code base and prove the correctness of our business logic and UI. To do that, we use both XCTest and Swift Snapshot Testing.
    • Jobandtalent is a data-driven company, so we do care about analytics and use Firebase, Google analytics and  Datadog Real User Monitoring to track all the relevant user behavior so we can make informed decisions about improving our app.
    • We believe a lot in Developer Happiness and the importance of automating tasks, so we implemented a lot of tools to make our life easier, like uploading versions directly to the AppStore with a single command, applying a certain code style, or generating changelogs of all our releases from the git log.
    • We have a weekly meeting called "iOS learning hour" that we dedicate to learning new things. That can be watching a video from or Pointfree or, as we've been doing lately,  learn about SwiftUI.
    • All the project's organisation is done through Jira, GitHub, Slack and Google Meet. You will be meeting people from different countries, so knowledge of the English language and good communication skills will be really important.
    • We expect to bring the app to the next level in 2022. Not only in terms of product functionalities but also in our tech stack, by fully modularizing our app via Swift Package Manager as well as updating our architecture to use the new Swift concurrency primitives like async/await.


    • Swift and iOS SDK knowledge.
    • Experience working on at least one commercial iOS app.
    • Knowledge of professional software engineering best practices, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, continuous integration, testing, and Agile methodologies.
    • Experience working with RESTful services.
    • Commitment to build well-tested, performing, and high-quality software and inspire your peers to follow you.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to communicate effectively with different levels of management, as well as the business and technical communities.
    • Seek and actively promote ideas and techniques in the community, both within Jobandtalent and externally.
    • Continuously discover, evaluate and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.
    • Fluency in English.

Nice to have

    • Familiarity with Objective-C.
    • Experience with unidirectional data flow architectures like Redux or Flux.
    • Functional programming knowledge.
    • Exposure to Android or other languages and platforms.

What we offer

    • The chance to make an impact in one of the fastest-growing scale-up companies in Europe.
    • Develop your career working in a super exciting environment with a great working atmosphere, international work environment with an international and multidisciplinary team.
    • Salary and Performance reviews every six months.
    • Highly competitive salaries.
    • ESOP (Employee Stock Plan) program and all technical staff are eligible for it after reaching a certain level of seniority.
    • Flexible working hours.
    • We are a remote-first company, so if your office is at home, we will provide for any equipment you need to do your job.
    • Free emotional and psychological well-being support with Therapy Chat.
    • Annual personal learning budget of €1,000 for conferences, courses, books, etc.
    • Free languages classes: English, Spanish, German, French.
    • European Visa Sponsorship.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Here at Jobandtalent, we are all engaged with our product. For that, you must feel included and valued. Therefore, we created an inclusive culture where diversity is an integral part of Jobandtalent's DNA.

More about us

Jobandtalent was founded in 2009 in Madrid. Since then, it has been financed by world-leading capital entities such as Softbank, Atomico, SEEK or Blackrock. Becoming one of the most valued Spanish startups internationally recognized by FT as Europe’s 10th fastest growing startup last year.
Behind our technology platform that employs hundreds of thousands of workers in great companies like Amazon, XPO, Walmart, P&G or H&M. We have a team of more than 1000 employees distributed in offices in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Mexico and Colombia. We plan to continue growing such markets as we launch operations in new countries (up to 20 by 2025). And, to ensure the success of the said plan, we rely on self-driven and highly motivated individuals that want to help us take Jobandtalent to the next level.

About Jobandtalent

Jobandtalent is the world's leading digital temp staffing marketplace. Our on-demand staffing platform aims to tear down all the barriers to job search and hiring, and make the increasing flexibility of the labour market beneficial for businesses and workers alike. We believe we can play a key role in reducing unemployment and putting workers in control of their livelihoods, while also giving businesses a platform to grow and flourish.

At the heart of our Workforce as a Service (WaaS) platform is our proprietary job matching technology which connects businesses and job-seekers in record time. Together with integrated messaging, scheduling, contract-signing and payroll, Jobandtalent radically simplifies hiring while protecting all parties from legal risk.

To date, we have served over 10M jobseekers and 150K businesses across 6 countries in Europe and the Americas, and have ambitious plans for further expansion.

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