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iOS Developer in Barcelona


22,000 - €28,000
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What about this position and what would we like you to bring onboard?

We *love* Native Development and so we use Swift for all of our code and Objective-C if we need to! We value SOC, MVC/MVVM/Repository patterns and elegantly written UI Code. We're not fussy if you do Autolayout in a Storyboard, a .xib or in the code itself - but we greatly value things looking beautiful and working across all devices!

We love our Mobile Developers to be evangelists for their platform - we want you to be our source of what's possible on iOS! So we assume you look forward to WWDC, stay apprised of Swift changes (what's new that you're excited for in 5?) and subscribe to blogs to improve your talent for coding.

You'll be working directly with the CTO (8 year iOS Veteran) developing our application! We believe in testing, automated deployment and code reviews. We would be a match if you:

2+ Years experience with the iOS SDK
Have shipped multiple iOS Applications in this time
Have good understanding of Source Control (git)
Have a great understanding of UIKit - particularly Autolayout, View + ViewController Lifecycle
CoreGraphics experience
CI/CD Knowledge (e.g. Jenkins/Bitrise)
Can turn your mind to other tasks (i.e. if you need to script something in a pinch you can attack it)
Are fluent in english.

But what is Picker?
We all know a lot about something, some of us love coffee, some others are make-up junkies, others spend their whole day biking and some other are tech freaks <3

At Picker we bring together your knowledge with amazing stuff, so that your decisions are not for buying more but for buying better.


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