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Intermediate Software Developer in Barcelona


22,000 - €24,000
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Job Description

StreamFluence is a web-based startup that connects and YouTube content creators to video game publishers and brands looking to advertise in the livestreaming space. We are looking to hire an Intermediate Software Developer to help build out and scale our platform.

The position will start as a freelance position for 20 hours per week that will take place over 3 months. After the 3 months, there will opportunity for a full-time position with StreamFluence.

The position will be for $1000 per month ($12.50 an hour) for 3 months, with possibility of extension into a part-time or full-time position. The requirements below are as follows:

3+ years: Javascript, HTML, CSS.

3+ years: Node.js.

1+ year+: SQL or MySQL or some sort of SQL based language.

It's also a big plus if you know bootstrap or some other UI grid language for HTML.

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