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Infrastructure Engineer in Amsterdam


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Job Description

Wercker is on a mission to change the way applications are created and delivered. We're building a platform and tool for building, testing and deploying in the modern world of microservices, containers and cloud.

The Wercker back-end team is dedicated to the design, development, maintenance and operation of Wercker production services. Within the back-end team, golang engineers are comfortable moving up and down the technology stack, from API development down to infrastructure services and provisioning instances.

As an infrastructure engineer, you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. You want to dive in to the nitty-gritty details of our backend, down to the infrastructure level. Ideally, containers make you feel giddy and you have that feeling that they’re changing the world. You’ve worked or experimented with container schedulers such as Kubernetes and you have a firm grasp on how to effectively build and deploy containers.



  • Expert in one or more programming languages. Big bonus points if it’s Go.

  • Deep knowledge of building scalable infrastructure

  • Familiar with micro-service oriented architectures

  • Passionate about building a developer’s tool

  • Love for complex, distributed systems

  • Good communication skills



  • You’ll be working on the VPC solution, creating an environment where we can easily deploy and monitor changes.

  • Working with a geographically distributed engineering team

  • Ability to own a project end-to-end


Our tech:

  • CoreOS on AWS as our infrastructure layer

  • Go, Docker, Kubernetes for the backend

  • MongoDB as our NoSQL Database

  • Node for the internal API

  • Backbone & React for the frontend


How to apply:

When applying, please include the following:

  • Your CV/resumé

  • A cover letter explaining why you would like to work at Wercker

  • Be sure to mention:

    • Any projects you’ve worked on that you’re proud of

    • Any open source projects you’ve actively contributed to


About Wercker

  • Saa S

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