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Hardware Engineer in Paris


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Job Description

Who we are
At Criteo, we connect 1.5 billion active shoppers with the things they need and love. Our technology takes an algorithmic approach to predict what user we show an ad to, when, and for what products. Our dataset is about 50 petabytes in Hadoop (more than 120 TB extra per day) and we take less than 10ms to respond to an ad request. This is truly big data and machine learning without the buzzwords. If scale and complexity excite you, join us.

What is it like to work in our R&D?

Infrastructure department provides capacity and connectivity to host the Criteo platform and applications.
More than 60 engineers are designing, planning and operating our global network of datacenters.

Located in 6 different countries across Americas, Europe and Asia our footprint covers:

- 9 datacenters 7 webfarms, 2 HPC clusters
- 5 network PoPs to reach IX and carriers
- more than 35K physical servers
- more than 4500 network devices
- the largest Hadoop European platform: 6000 nodes, 150k cores, 500PB of raw storage
- +5M QPS on peak hours
- a reach of over 1.5Bn internet users

By adding more than 10k servers per year, our infrastructure is growing tremendously. This creates new and complex operational challenges which require innovative solutions. By joining the Hardware Engineering team, you will play a key role in building the systems that are the foundation upon which the whole of Criteo is built. You will define, benchmark, qualify and maintain our hardware stack throughout its lifetime.

Your Mission :

- Optimize costs and performance by customizing hardware and software solutions
- Develop infrastructure to manage, maintain and upgrade hardware in our fast-growing fleet.
- Develop systems that proactively capture health status of various hardware -components and automate remediation.
- Provide abstraction layer to hide the specificity of each hardware
- Provide insights to extract the best performance out of our hardware
- Prepare a shift toward open initiatives such as OCP, Open19, Linuxboot, OpenBMC, ...
- Build a strong partnership with industry players to drive our requirements  

Minimum Skills and Qualifications :

- Deep experience with low-level software (kernel/firmware/system services & drivers)
- Experience with large-scale infrastructure management
- Experience with configuration and automation tools (such as Chef, Puppet, ...)
- Communication skills in English
- Strong teamwork ability

Bonus points :

- Experience in C
- Familiar with latest server architecture and components
- Motivation to expand their horizons on every level (technical and non-technical)
- Experience and/or interest in Open Source technologies
- Work within the Agile processes and methodologies
- A background of working in start-up and/or the internet space


About Criteo

  • Ad Tech

  • Public, IPO 2013

  •  Paris, France

  • 1500-2000 employees

  • 2005

Criteo is a digital performance marketing company.

Measuring return on post-click sales, Criteo makes ROI transparent and easy to measure. Criteo has 1,700+ employees in 27 offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, serving 9,250+ advertisers worldwide and direct relationships with 11,000+ publishers. 

Unlike the vast majority of the market, Criteo claims it uses a transparent cost-per-click model and measures value purely on post-click sales. This demanding model is supported by sophisticated predictive technology. It processes a vast amount of rich purchase-intent data in real-time to identify buyers and deliver dynamically-created ads which are personalized for each consumer. 

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