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Job Description

Ironhack is an education startup that was founded to disrupt the way tech education works!

Doesn’t it seem odd that we’ve been learning the same way since the Industrial Revolution? Virtually all industries are pushing the limits on how to do things faster, better, and more efficiently. Yet, for the most part, people feel stuck on a 4+ year (and usually quite expensive) path that often results in an unfulfilling career path.

We empower students to create a new path - one that leads to meaningful careers in software development, product design or data analytics in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional education.

Our higher purpose is to transform the education space to be unapologetically outcomes-driven. Whether students are looking to change careers, get a promotion, skip University, or start their own company, we work tirelessly every day to make sure this path is as quick, immersive, and accessible as possible. Hearing these success stories is what gets us out of bed each day, excited to come to work :)

It’s with this mindset that we’ve become one of the key global players in bridging the digital skills gap, serving both those looking to get into tech, as well as the companies hungry for tech talent.

Quick facts:
●  Founded in 2013 by Wharton and Harvard grads
●  Operations in Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo and Berlin
●  100% YoY Growth (help us to keep it going!)
●  Graduated over 6500 students
●  100+ global team members
●  Venture capital backed

- You will engage with our community through local marketing campaigns, with a KPI mindset, and applications and booked students coming from your initiatives.
- Be an active member and an Ironhack brand ambassador in outside communities.
- Increase Ironhack’s visibility and reach through community-building with other local tech players.
- Work collaboratively and effectively with in-market colleagues and global teams.

- Plan, develop and execute in-person and digital events (i.e., webinars, podcasts) to promote the campus around the city. From the idea to the speaker hunt, the logistics needed and the final promotion through our own and external channels to make it a success.
- Be proactive and engage with other communities and 3rd party events (e.g., hosted by other local tech players) and become the Ironhack ambassador.
- Detect new local sponsored opportunities to promote the different activities (paid newsletters, branded content in local niche media sites, etc.).
- Write locally relevant blogs, articles, and white papers to create further awareness of Ironhack and to generate leads.
- Nurture local leads and applicants to ensure they turn into booked students;
- Use global templates and localize them to fit the needs of our market
 - Work with global teams to ensure global product launches (e.g., new vertical) and marketing initiatives (e.g., scholarships) are executed successfully in the local market
- Share success stories of current students and alumni with the global marketing team so that they can be used in blogs, articles, social posts, and other Ironhack channels
- Work with global marketing team and agencies on locally relevant keywords, and to run A/B tests to optimize paid and organic lead gen efforts
- Share learnings from your market with other markets and global teams; likewise, apply best practices from global and other markets locally

- You have a degree in Marketing, Communication or in a related field;
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Spanish.
- Community and/or business development experience; we need someone who grows our local community through events management, content creation and partnering with other communities; experience with social media a definite plus.
- Results-focus: You are very focused on delivering on your commitments and goals
- Outgoing personality: it is about setting up the event live and networking afterwards to make sure the Ironhack brand is visible. You are the voice and the face of the brand
- Creative person: pay attention to industry trends and create posts and content pieces that engage with our target personas in order to grow our accounts and our brand awareness
- You are passionate about the Education sector and driven by our mission of changing people’s lives
- You are a great collaborator and have a distinct growth mindset. You don’t accept “it can’t be done” and instead figure out a way to make it happen

# of events organized
# of articles/blogs published
# of participants per event
# applicants who applied after attending an event you organized
# of booked students (converted from apps) in your market
# events and talks you assisted as Ironhack ambassador

●  Competitive salary
●  Flexible work environment
●  100% Employer-paid healthcare (for US + LATAM full-time employees)
●  Tons of amazing events with our students and community of instructors
●  Learn to code, design, or analyze data: enroll in our part-time courses for free!
●  Unlimited sick policy

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