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Growth Hacker in Barcelona

Service Club Delivery

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Job Description

Who are we?

We are multi award winning early-stage start-up that has started disrupting delivery industry. We build fleets for delivery companies.

For delivery companies, we reduce cost of quality lead generation. We are a solution for upskilling, filtering, onboarding & retaining low skilled workers. For Drivers & Riders, we are A Members Club where they can upskill themselves, get certified, find tips, tricks and jobs from all over the world.

Glovo, Getir, Gorillas are some of our unicorn clients.

Services we have been providing for the above while improving the work conditions delivery workers, in a record-breaking time, have already won us the recognition of United Nations as well as international investors…

We currently operate in Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France and Germany. This is just the beginning. Sounds like you? Read on!

What’s in for you:

  • Great start-up atmosphere.
  • Opportunity to be a part of the “next big thing!”
  • Great co-working environment with regular events, drinks etc...
  • Seasoned, dynamic and inspiring management team with great success stories in their background!

You Will:

  • Be a true growth hacker!
  • Bring new users to our platform by digging into the data, growth hacking, and optimising resources available to grow our pool of users.
  • Envision and execute go-to-market strategies in order to increase acquisition, improve retention, and/or break open new acquisition channels.


  • Passion for results and proactive mindset.
  • 2+ years growth marketing experience delivering highly successful growth, user acquisition and engagement strategies, with a focus on user acquisition and retention.
  • Data-driven: You know how to leverage data to make decisions and drive growth. You have experience running rigorous multivariate testing.
  • Market research person: You know your market, customers and competition better than anyone, and you’re strong at integrating this information into your growth strategies.
  • Extensive experience with referral, subscription and growth products.
  • You can develop an effective content strategy plan.
  • An expert in test-and-learn growth hacking: You possess an uncanny ability to run and iterate on highly effective automated marketing campaigns
  • Grittiness: You never hesitate to roll up your sleeves and pursue something hands-on.

Our core values:

  • Get ready to join a group of diverse, smart, talented, driven and frankly a little mad individuals. We are looking for people who are motivated by creating something from scratch while problem-solving on a daily basis.
  • We’re hardworking, we put our 100% into this and we will make it happen.
  • We are agile. We are obsessed about getting it right and until then, we don’t mind trying a ton of things till we find what works.
  • We are tough. Every day is a fight and we love it.
  • We are warm. Loving. Supportive. Ethical. Creative. Professional. Brave. And very VERY resourceful.

With Service Club, food and parcel delivery companies all over the world can quickly reach thousands of trained and filtered courier applicants, ready to onboard within a moment’s notice.

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