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Growth / Front-End Engineer in Paris


30,000 - €40,000
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Job Description

We’re looking for a Growth / Front-End Engineer to take our marketing to the next level.

You’d be the guy (or gal) that’d implement (or create) our crazy experiments and also the owner of our website & blog. The technical wizard of our marketing team.

Your projects will go from handling APIs to classical Front-end development.

Things you’ll do:

>> Growth experiments
* Implementing web personalizations on our website
* Creating web services
* Playing with different marketing / analytics / growth tools and their APIs

>> Website, blog & landing pages
* Creating new pages
* Modifying existing ones
* Optimizing for SEO, performance and the architecture

About you

* You are a master of PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON
* You know WordPress and can use Bootstrap (or other frameworks along these lines) without even thinking
* You can juggle with APIS and create web services
* You already worked with CRM, automation, data and analytics tools
* You have a good handle on Photoshop

* You know a scripting language like Python
* SEO isn’t just an obscure acronym for you
* You have experience in the implementation of A/B tests or web personalizations
* You previously worked in startups

You’re an owner. You take charge of your projects and are a self-starter. You’re creative, detail-oriented and capable of explaining what you do to anyone.

You’re always learning and aware of the last innovations in your field.

About us

We’re a small, fast-growing B2B SaaS startup. We sell a UX Optimization platform (personalization, A/B testing, predictive targeting, …).

That means you’ll have (almost) full liberty on how and what to do, you’ll work on a lot of different projects and you might increase your alcohol intake. (jk, kinda)

>>Here’s the official spiel for our startup:
Kameleoon creates predictive algorithms capable of personalizing websites in real time.

Fast, agile and reliable: our personalization(A.I.) and A/B testing SaaS platform was designed so marketing teams can deliver optimized experiences to each of their visitors. It’s built with artificial intelligence capable of handling visitor data in real time and calculating your visitors’ probability to convert.

Ranked 1st by “Les Echos” in the IT category of its “Growth Champions 2017" benchmark, Kameleoon records a 3-digit growth in customers, revenue, and employees. More than 400 companies have already successfully implemented Kameleoon’s user experience optimization solutions.


* Job is based in Paris, France. No remote.
* Tell us why you’d be the perfect fit, but be short and to the point.
* If your profile corresponds to what we’re looking for, we’ll send you a technical assignment. Then depending on how you did, we’ll meet for an interview.


About Kameleoon

  • Saa S

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