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Growth Builder Intern in Madrid


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Job Description

At Byld, we create handmade startups combining our agility and culture with the size and resources of corporations. We have partners such as Carrefour, Hotusa, and Coca-Cola… among others.

We are a team of less than ten people, all young people in between 20 and 40 years old, with experience in startups and also in large corporations such as: Coca-Cola, McKinsey, Santander, Rocket Internet, etc.

Do you also love the world of startups or do you want to be an entrepreneur? Do you want to know more about business models, technology and creativity? This is your place!


At Byld we are currently looking for a Growth Builder Intern who will have an essential role in developing Byld's brand in digital channel through content and communication strategy.

The perfect candidate will become part of our team of “Builders” and they should hold great sensibility for the aesthetics and the details. We are looking for someone with a strong knowledge of digital channels, strategy, and analytics.

Our Builders are the heart of Byld. They are distributed in teams devoted to “Business”, “Growth” and “Product” that work together in order to successfully carry out all the projects. Each Builder is specialized in a certain field but moreover, all of them are able to help the others whenever necessary: Truly Rockstars!


As a Growth Builder Intern you will:

Develop and distribute content across platforms, maintain blogs and website;
Create and execute digital marketing strategies that drive customer acquisition and engagement;
Work to rapidly grow the user base by launching, managing and optimizing new acquisition campaigns;
Exchange ideas/data/feedback with other departments (or circles as we like to call them: Product, Marketing, Revenue) and decide along with other circles which metrics / KPIs to focus on;
Bring traditional and creative ideas how to grow those KPIs;
A/B test those ideas;
Analyze the data and users’ feedback;
Drive traffic to Byld website, startups' webs, social media, apps, and analyze traffic data and effectively leverage them to drive the optimization of digital channels through digital and/or offline tools;
Make creative inputs for developing and carrying out collateral marketing and brand building / PR activities;
Develop A/B testing and marketing digital campaigns to validate new products / services in order to generate learnings and further development;
Be knowledgeable about referral marketing and being able to create viral growth;

You are the perfect Growth Builder Intern for Byld, if…

A growth hacker not necessarily has to have a Marketing background. Growth hackers have a cross-functional role where they work closely with the marketing team, the sales team, the engineering department and the product management team. If you identify with the following characteristics, you can start considering yourself a Growth Builder:

You just graduated in Business, Marketing, Engineering or similar studies, but the most important characteristics are as follows:
You have knowledge of digital tools and channels (not only social media…)
Have a user centric lover approach / mentality
You are passionate about growth and scalability
You are enthusiastic about pivot and A/B testing
You are creative, extremely curious and eager to learn
You are a fan of metrics and analytically driven data
You speak Spanish fluently

You will have the perfect fit with Byld if…

You know and are curious about new technologies and their impact on business models and innovation. You control the “startup” language.
You are able to multitask and work in changing environments.
You can manage your time perfectly.
Your attitude is dynamic, ambitious, and you are eager to learn.
You are able to delegate and listen to opposing opinions.
You are willing to take risks and say what you think in every moment.
You are obsessed with quality.
You are able to speak and write fluently in the Queen’s English.
You have read our values and you identify with them.

And we will bring out the red carpet for you if…

You are not scared of data from Analytics and Digital Marketing.
You hold strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
You have some experience working with the lean startup process.
You have some experience working with design thinking.
You can work with the AARRR Sales Metrics Diagram (Acquisition – Activation – Retention – Referral - Revenue).
You are capable of interpreting quantitative data and understand the needs of users thanks to interviews and questionnaires.
You have experience in arquitectures of information, screens flow, searching models, development of personas, wireframes design, prototyping, interaction…
You have some knowledge regarding web design with HTML and CSS.


You will work in a dynamic and friendly environment, with numerous group activities, dinners, weekend trips…
Create a huge network within the startup and corporation ecosystems.
Options for teleworking.
Flexibility in matters of work schedule and holidays.
Dynamics for skills development and formation in different fields. Freedom to learn and apply new technologies to meet the needs of the projects.
Be part of an international team that is either able to make pizza, prepare caipirinhas or build the next unicorn.
Be part of projects from big corporations with a global impact.
You will not be bored: you will work with new ideas and new projects at a challenging and fulfilling rhythm!


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