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Game Designer in Barcelona

Bee Square Games

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Job Description

At Bee Square we are looking for an EXPERIENCED GAME DESIGNER to join our team. You will fit in perfectly in our hive if you have the following qualities:

What we’re looking for

  • INDIE MINDSET: You have experience working on your own projects. You are proactive and you can handle all aspects involved in developing a game from scratch to a publishable title.
  • WORK EXPERIENCE: Ideally you have worked at some game development studio(s) before and you are used to working together with different departments.
  • TECHNICAL BACKGROUND: You have a good understanding of coding. Having coded a project on your own (even for a game jam) is a plus. You understand the technical limits and costs of your designs as well as how to communicate effectively with programmers.
  • QUICK PROTOTYPING: After designing new game ideas and features in your head or on paper, you are able to quickly put together a prototype to validate them.
  • UI/UX SAVVY: You are able to create mock-ups and iterate on them until finding satisfying solutions to complex UI and UX problems.
  • GOOD COMMUNICATOR: You can help others understand the project vision. At the same time, you are flexible enough to adjust your own vision if on rare occasions it turns out the community or other team members don’t react as you anticipated.
  • SELF-CRITICAL: You handle criticism well, but you also stand up for your ideas if you feel they are right. When entering a debate you don’t care about being proven wrong or right, just about reaching the most sensible conclusion.
  • GAMER: You appreciate a wide variety of different game genres but have a special love for strategy, rpg and incremental games. You can put your finger on the elements that make them fun and exciting for players. Besides, you are also very good at them, because when you play one you quickly understand the underlying systems and how to make them work together to your advantage.
  • NO STRANGER TO GAME COMMUNITIES: You love participating in them and discussing strategies with other players. This also applies to your own projects, as you love to listen to what other people think of them. You are able to understand the different points of view expressed and you quickly learn to anticipate your players’ real needs.
  • YOUR WORK IS NEVER DONE: You cannot help it. You always think of a thousand ways to keep improving the game, to make it even more fun and to create even more content for your most dedicated players.
  • HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS: “As long as it works” is not enough. You want your game to be a visual and technical masterpiece. You have attention for even the smallest details because you know that everything can affect the game experience.
  • ANALYTICAL AND BALANCED: You know games. You know fun. Therefore, you know what features to add to make the game better for the players. Yet you never forget how they fit into the existing ones. You’ll always keep tweaking accordingly so the game is balanced and one fun feature doesn’t end up breaking the entire game.
  • ORGANIZED: You will have a lot on your plate. But that is no challenge for you, because you are organized and you understand perfectly where the priorities lie.
  • UNDERSTANDING OF F2P: You know all about the F2P business model and the most effective monetization strategies.

What we offer

  • Office with a big sunny terrace located in the heart of Barcelona.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Performance-based bonus system.
  • Working with a high-profile international team.
  • Free commodities (coffee, tea, juices, fresh fruit, cakes).
  • Sodexo Lunch Card.
  • Gym membership sponsoring.
  • Play area with arcade machines.
  • Team dinners and events (like summer BBQs on our amazing terrace).
  • Relocation package.

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