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Job Description

At Emilio, our mission is to alleviate the burden of communication for our customers, making them less overwhelmed. The overload of communication is a real challenge for founders, freelancers, and busy professionals. Our goal is to make this challenge more manageable, enabling them to focus on what is most important.

The Role

We are hiring a software engineer to build Emilio. Yeah, this simple. You will do everything.

Why You Shouldn’t Apply

You probably don’t want this job. Let me tell you why:

  • You will have very demanding bosses: the co-founders of the company have a very high bar with themselves and their team;

  • You will work long hours: sometimes the servers break on Saturday night, and will you need to fix them;

  • You will have a lot of responsibility: you will be responsible for features that impact thousands of users;

  • Your compensation is forward-looking, not present-rewarding: we give away a large piece of the company precisely to align incentives - if we all do well, we will be millionaires.

This being said, you will also:

  • Learn more than anywhere else: one day you will be aligning boxes in CSS, another scaling the infrastructure, and another releasing the most promising AI feature;

  • Know how to build a business: because you will build it yourself;

  • Decide the future of Emilio: we hire great people and trust them to steer the ship.

What We Look For

Someone deeply aligned with our values, read about them on our About Us page. We don’t care about seniority or experience. We care about drive and highly structured minds. We do need you to know Python. Other things like backend, frontend frameworks and Docker experience are a plus.

What We Offer

  • Compensation: €30,000 salary + 1% equity

  • Remote-first (we still need to find an office)

  • Work directly with the Founders

How To Apply

Fill in this form. It is lengthy precisely to ensure you have the persistence needed to be part of an early-stage startup.
The process will be simple: one personality interview + review of the Emilio service + one technical interview + reference checks, and you're done.

What Not To Do

  • Recruiters: don't email/message us with offers, they will be marked as spam.

  • Candidates: don't message the founders with introductions to speak about the role. Apply and wait for us to get back to you.


About Emilio

  • Ai

  • Madrid, Spain

  • 2 - 10

  • 2023


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