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Fullstack Developer in London


55,000 - €95,000
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Job Description

Do you like solving problems? Building things? Breaking things? Do you don headphones for peak do-not-disturb code flow?

We'd like you onboard!

We have:

- A vision to make *data ethics* globally important. We want to make data-misuse a thing of the past
- A wide-open green field of freshly baked services
- A young and pliable tech stack and infrastructure
- Energy and drive in abundance

We love:

- Docker, Typescript/NodeJS, Go, a smidge of Python, React, rapid prototyping, metrics-metrics-metrics and tight feedback loops
- Autonomy and ownership
- Polyglots!

You have:

- A curious mind. A love for the question "why"
- Flexibility. Your peers say you can turn your hand to pretty much anything you set your mind to
- Good communication skills. We're a small team!
- The ability to code (no surprises here). You are comfortable in two or more languages
- The ability to build fast
- A working knowledge of devops. You can spin up a cloud hosted prototype in a jiffy ...
- ... or have sufficient google skills to make it look like you already could

...and as an added benefit, you also might have:

- Some full-stack experience. Perhaps you've dabbled with front-facing apps
- A side project that you're proud of

If any of this strikes a chord with you, we would love to hear from you.


About Metomic

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