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Fullstack Developer in Barcelona


30,000 - €45,000
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Job Description

We are looking for a web developer ready to join us in a quest to reshape the way people read and understand news. For many, online information has become too fast and confused. Official and unofficial media outlets spare incorrect or badly sourced news, readers often lack the tools to be sure if what they are reading is trustworthy. We want to rebuild this trust via education, collaboration, and the power of collective intelligence. 

We are going to build a new web application for collaborative news fact-checking. This will be built in 3 parts: a Chrome extension to make categorised web annotation to be shared and stored (e.g. ), a REST API and a web portal where users have a personal dashboard and a feed of news to check and read. 

While we do already have in-house design and front-end capabilities, we are now looking for a motivated product owner, somebody capable of taking care of the technical aspects behind its development, with special focus on the back-end solutions and the development of the browser extension.


   •    Proven ability and experience in building web applications and REST API
   •    High knowledge of Javascript to build the extension.
   •    At least 3 years experience in web development.
   •    Previous experience with Chrome extensions is a plus.
   •    Commitment to the cause of improving the quality of online news.
   •    A degree in Computer science or Engineering is an important plus.


   •    Leading the technological development of the app. This includes choosing the back-end language for the API and the type of database used, and proposing solutions for testing and deployment.
   •    Making sure that the creation of the MVP meets the deadline that will be set at the beginning of the project. Good management of time is fundamental.
   •    Building and maintaining the application's backend and integrationg it with the Extension and the website.
   •    Creating the browser extension that is the central piece of the project. This can be done from scratch or by bulding on existing projects with open code.


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