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Fullstack Developer in Barcelona


40,000 - €60,000
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Job Description

We are looking for a Full-Stack Developer, who is excited to join our mission-driven, fun and fast-paced startup environment. Do you want to work with cutting-edge technology, frameworks and distributed systems (Kubernetes, Docker, IPFS, Elm, etc..)? Do you feel passionate about innovating with new technologies while contributing to the fight against climate change?

This exciting position is within the first employee layer following the founding team and, as such, it offers one of the most rewarding experiences in helping to orchestrate and nurture the development of our platform, as well as the ability to take part in key company-wide decisions.

You will start as front-end developer focusing on new user-facing features for our web-app, which allows the visualization of the origin of the energy being consumed, the ownership of the certificates and many other features for the end-user. The objective is to launch the service in the market by May 2019.

What will you do?

Until May 2019:
-Developing new user-facing features using Redux or Elm
-Building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use
-Translating designs and wireframes into high quality code
-Optimizing components for maximum performance across a vast array of
web-capable devices and browsers
-Forking the browser plugin project Metamask to adapt it to FlexiDAO’s web-app and customers’ needs

Afterwards (in addition to front-end development tasks):
-Back-end design and development of a hosting environment
-Contribute to data structures, algorithms, and system design


About FlexiDao

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