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Full Stack NLP/Computational Linguistics Engineer in London


58,000 - €69,000
4.0 - 6.0%
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Job Description

We are changing the world of content using natural language processing by increasing our ability to discern and verify it. We are backed by Google's Digital News Initiative and actively growing to try and solve the problem of false claims made by news, media sources, and politics. Our team consists of top researchers in NLP and machine learning, specifically for fact checking, and building an AI startup on this problem.


We are looking for a full stack NLP engineer to join the team.

You need to be experienced with statistical NLP, distributed systems, big data pipelines, and being able to apply NLP models to information extraction and semantic parsing tasks. Ideally you also have web mining and information retrieval experience. Most importantly, you need to have a a strong passion for the problem of misinformation and information overload and what it leads to in our world.

The role will entail building a full scale information extraction pipeline with scheduling, continuous integration and big data server management with containerisation, extracting relevant entities using NLP pipelines, building feature representations using state-of-the-art ML techniques, and then training/developing algorithms for training and testing. Finally, the role will involve some experience to develop our client/server architecture and API to build a fact checking tool for the public to use.


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