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Job Description

Ironhack is an education startup that was founded to disrupt the way tech education works!

Doesn’t it seem odd that we’ve been learning the same way since the Industrial Revolution? Virtually all industries are pushing the limits on how to do things faster, better, and more efficiently. Yet, for the most part, people feel stuck on a 4+ year (and usually quite expensive) path that often results in an unfulfilling career path.

We empower students to create a new path - one that leads to meaningful careers in software development, product design or data analytics in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional education.

Our higher purpose is to transform the education space to be unapologetically outcomes-driven. Whether students are looking to change careers, get a promotion, skip University, or start their own company, we work tirelessly every day to make sure this path is as quick, immersive, and accessible as possible. Hearing these success stories is what gets us out of bed each day, excited to come to work :)

It’s with this mindset that we’ve become one of the key global players in bridging the digital skills gap, serving both those looking to get into tech, as well as the companies hungry for tech talent.

Quick facts:

●  Founded in 2013 by Wharton and Harvard grads
●  Operations in Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo and Berlin
●  100% YoY Growth (help us to keep it going!)
●  Graduated over 6500 students
●  100+ global team members
●  Venture capital backed

#About the gig

A large part of the success of Ironhack depends on the educational experience and products we build to support our students and instructors. The Fullstack Engineer is a critical role to ensure we have high quality software and products to ensure a best-in-class educational experience.

We’re looking for a Fullstack Engineer that will help our product team build truly amazing, transformational, educational experiences for our students. The Fullstack Engineer will report to the Engineering Lead, and is based in Madrid while being remote-friendly.

About the gig

    • Almost all of our stack is JavaScript-based: we use Node.js and MongoDB for our microservices and React and TypeScript on the front.
    • We have a state of the art infrastructure based in AWS, Kubernetes and Docker. We have nice CI/CD pipelines and high levels of automation. If you are curious about modern DevOps, you'll learn a lot.
    • We are a young small team, with a lot of technical decisions yet to make and lots of room for new things to try. No, you won’t be maintaining an 8 year old PHP app.
    • We work in a fast-paced and flexible environment with almost zero bureaucracy.
    • We share the ownership of what we do and collaborate, but we can also work autonomously.
    • We work in short iterations and have everything set up to release continuously.
    • We push hard for code quality, automated testing and code reviews.
    • We love automating and making processes more efficient.
    • We are a remote-first team, but mostly based in Madrid, so similar time zones will be highly preferred.
    • We work with the gear of your choice! We use MacBook Pros, but you are free to chose your Windows/Linux workhorse

Is this you?

    • You have a computer science education background or demonstrable hands-on experience.
    • You have been working with modern JavaScript for at least the last 3 to 5 years.
    • You are proficient in React, TypeScript, Node.js and MongoDB. We are looking for fullstack engineers, but we're fine if you lean towards front or back.
    • You have plenty of experience writing and interacting with well designed and documented RESTful APIs.
    • You know about other technologies and can bring the team new experiences and points of to trigger nice tech discussions to keep improving, Next microservice in Go? Will Vue fit better our needs? GraphQL everywhere? We are all ears!
    • You perfectly understand Git, use it accordingly and are familiar with GitFlow concepts.
    • You are a software engineer and therefore apply best practices and make great design and architectural decisions backed by solid arguments.
    • You are an awesome code reviewer as well as code reviewee.
    • You are passionate about quality and feel proud of the code you write. You write good tests because you want it and not because you have to.
    • You thrive in a low supervision environment, with high levels of autonomy and ownership of your work and responsibilities.
    • You can understand and make yourself understood in English. We are an international company and use English for most of the communications.
    • You are hungry for learning new things and like to stay updated with the latest news and trends of the industry.
●  Competitive salary
●  Flexible work environment
●  100% Employer-paid healthcare (for US + LATAM full-time employees)
●  Tons of amazing events with our students and community of instructors
●  Learn to code, design, or analyze data: enroll in our part-time courses for free!
●  Unlimited sick policy

About IronHack


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