Full-stack Engineer & Instructor in Barcelona or Remote


40,000 - €55,000
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Job Description

CodeOp is an international tech school that offers bootcamps and workshops for women+ wanting to transition into or upskill in tech. CodeOp sets itself apart from other schools with our strong drive for diversity and focus on providing the safe space, rigorous training, extensive resources, and global community needed to encourage, support and equip our students with the essential skills to thrive in tech.

In 2018 we launched CodeOp’s first campus in Barcelona and we now operate globally through our remote campus as well as our in-person campus in Malaysia. We are on a mission to see our global vision through: to lead the charge in transforming the face and culture of tech worldwide.

About the Role

We are hiring instructors—of all genders and non—for our flagship full stack development bootcamps. This is a remote part-time role for a mid- to senior-level professionals.

Classes are intentionally small (no more than 15 students) so that you, as well as each classes’ technical support manager and coding mentors can provide our students with an exceptional educational experience. Each day will consist of approximately 2, 2-3 hours of instructor-led lectures or code reviews. Classes are taught in English and students come from around the world, ranging between the ages of 18-48.


I. Delivering a life-changing experience to students

Your first priority will be to give your students the mindset and technical skills to succeed as junior engineers. To do this, you will need to be a mentor, teacher, and a coach– responding to learning needs and adjusting the curriculum and teaching as required, as well as a team-player working closely with our technical campus manager and coding mentors.

II. Curriculum Development

Our curriculum includes: JavaScript fundamentals, data structures, Git, React.js, Vue, Node.js, Express, MySQL, and Heroku and a repository of other short lectures covering advanced topics ranging from Docker to Tailwind CSS. A comprehensive scope and sequence, activities, starter repositories and lecture slides already exist. Lecture slides are minimal: you are encouraged to live code examples, use whiteboard explanations, and add your particular area of expertise to the course material.


  • You have at least 3+ years working as a full stack software engineer
  • You have a previous background in teaching and/or mentoring developers
  • You are pedantic when it comes to technical knowledge and transmitting it
  • You are an excellent communicator and listener to an audience that is international, diverse and inclusive
  • You embrace a growth mindset: challenges are opportunities to develop our educational programs, company, and culture
  • You embrace humanity: amongst colleagues and within our community. We don’t do dickheadery

About CodeOp

  • Ed Tech

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • 2-10

  • 2018


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