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Full Stack Developer (React Native, NodeJS) in Barcelona


30,000 - €45,000
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What does life mean to you? What motivates you? What makes you happy?

We wake up every day with one purpose; to make the most out of life by sharing it with those who make it special. Happiness is attained when one’s thoughts, words and actions are aligned. And we want to see that people is happy. Life is a gift that must be enjoyed every day.

What if you could meet all those people who share the same beliefs, interests and want to live the same experiences you do? People who’s down for trying the same things you want to try. At the end, life is about people right? If the people you surround yourself with don’t quite fulfill you, keep looking and don’t settle.

What is your dream? What do you want to achieve in your life? What would you like to do today? What are you thinking right now?


Us and the Candidate:

We are the team who has created Twins. Since we have developed the app without any in-house developers, we are now looking for a really, really good one to join our founding team (the app is quite complex and he/she can expect to do all the developing without much outside help –frontend and backend -). What we are looking for is not just a full stack developer who can build the product, but someone who shares our PASSION, PURPOSE and VISION. The ideal candidate would be someone who truly believes in and loves the product and shares our passion for how we are going to change the way people connects. As part of our founding team, you can also expect to devote long hours into figuring out ways on how to improve the product and coming out with creative solutions.

Our current stage: We have already developed the app and are now Beta testing it. We expect to make the official launch at the end of January. From this point on, we will continue to iterate the product as long as it is necessary, until we feel very comfortable with the end result (aka. users love it) and are ready to scale it.


  • Full stack web/mobile application development with a variety of languages including but not limited to PHP, JavaScript, HTML, etc
  • Think and build robust, lasting, and scalable products/features
  • Iterate quickly without compromising quality
  • Work closely with our product and design team members to define feature specifications and build the product leveraging frameworks such as React & React Native
  • Build and scale back-end services
  • Build report interfaces and data feeds

Minimum Qualifications

  • Extensive programming experience
  • Experience with relational mobile apps, databases and SQL
  • Experience with web technologies: JavaScript, XHTML, CSS
  • Familiarity with pieces of our existing stack
  • Someone who gets excited by tough technical challenges
  • Someone who can collaborate and work well with others
  • Someone who loves to learn, and is passionate about helping others
  • Someone who enjoys thinking about the product and figuring out ways to make it better
  • A scrappy, entrepreneurial attitude that gets high-quality projects done quickly
  • Product sense with a strong command of metrics a strong plus
  • A PASSION for Twins and creativity!


Compensation would initially mainly be in the form of Equity.


CV & Covert Letter (or presentation video).

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