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Full-stack developer in London


30,000 - €55,000
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Job Description

We are building the future of the art investment for millennials.

We need a quick learner developer willing to start this journey with us and excited about the idea of working in the art industry. ArtTech is a cool industry where to create products but you need to be willing to learn about how to manage art in a digital space.

At the end of the day, we need a great dev who cares about products and data. Products change people's lives.

What We're Building

The growth in the online art market has brought the attention of thousands of people on the fact that art can be profitable. The main problem of that market now is that there is not one simple platform that allows people to buy, sell and rent art.
To help this increasing number of investors to understand the trends, the profitability of an artists there is the need to create a platform that would allow people, not only to invest, sell and rent art, but also to understand how and why they should do so.
The 3 main segments:
The affluent achievers (B2C) consist of European businessmen and businesswomen who are confident with new technologies who start seeing art as an interesting assets diversification strategy.
The luxury rentals (B2B) involve first class hospitality businesses and the exclusive offices (B2B) refer to large business corporations owing prestigious offices in major European metropolises. These two last segments will be both more focused on the renting out aspect.

  • Ecommerce

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