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Full Stack Developer (elixir&elm) in Barcelona

The Book of Everyone

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Job Description

How we build…

Feature driven feedback is key! We make small changes with constant pushes to production.

Code is in GitHub. We currently build AND deploy automatically via continuous integration - you will probably deploy to production on your first day. We communicate using Slack; you’ll have access to everyone in the company. Our online project manager application is Trello.

Do you have any other tools you love and would like to use? Introduce us to it - we love finding new and better ways to get things done.

The Technology…

We’re are currently using Elixir (we also run the Elixir Barcelona Meetup. Come join and say hello) and Phoenix, Laravel, React, even have a bit of Go, AWS, Heroku, GitHub… but, to be honest, what we’re currently using isn’t the most important thing. The technology we use changes constantly, and we hope it always does.

All the above is just fluff, really. The most important thing for us is self organising teams. Here, I expect you to take charge of your own destiny. My job is enabling you to do what you love.

The Team…

I run a team of passionate developers that have a mixture of front-end and back end skills - but everyone does everything. If you are a front end expert, you will be doing backend.

I believe in flat dev structures, so everyone reports directly into me.


You care about software: how it’s made, how to maintain it, and how to keep it alive.

This is more than just a job. The technology in which you have professional experience is not so important. Show me your code! Github etc…


Autonomy: As I have said before, I pride myself in giving you what you need to have fun developing.

The Challenge: We are a young startup, and the only way is up! That means lots of interesting problems to solve.

Beer etc: Yes we do have a fridge, and yes it does have beer, but you will have to be quick. There are lots of beer lovers in the office.

Family: This is how I describe us to others. We socialise during and after work often. I have been persuaded to learn how to rollerblade. Actually, I don't know if that’s a good thing... But you get the idea :)

  • E Commerce

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