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Full stack Developer (Backend Focus) in Barcelona


Est. Salary
30,000 - €40,000
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Job Description

We are looking for a developer with real-world experience building scalable applications in Node.js. The developer will join our growing and multicultural engineering team in Barcelona, Spain.

We want you to help us transition our architecture from a traditional ASP.NET monolithic application server to a modular collection of Node.js GraphQL API micro apps and services.

Key Responsibilities

  • Code, test, document and maintain the Learnlight Platform, mainly as an application server developer (ES6 on Node.js, Express, GraphQL) and database developer (PostgreSQL, SQL, plSQL), but occasionally as a front-end developer (HTML, CSS, ES6, React).
  • Support the development team in various disciplines that go beyond programming, as needed, including creating ad-hoc reports, participating in deployments, or helping the QA team.
  • Participate, as required, in the design and planning of future functionality of the platform.

Desired Skills and Expertise
Culture and Language

  • Able to work 100% of the time en English. Spanish and other languages an optional plus.
  • Experience abroad or in multicultural environments preferred.
  • Enthusiasm, initiative, commitment, with the ability to learn independently.
  • Ability to legally work in Spain.

Technology (required)

  • Experience with the design and development of modern web applications, including the general concepts of authentication, authorization, encryption, transactions, state, logging and serialization.
  • Real-world experience building scalable applications in Node.js and related technologies.
  • Experience with JavaScript and its idiosyncrasies using ES6 syntax and idioms, particularly with regards to asynchronous programming.
  • Experience with relational database technologies, concepts and languages, including creating and updating schemas and writing optimized queries and stored procedures.
  • Fundamental Windows and/or Linux server concepts, including command-line scripting, networking, firewall management, security patching, resource monitoring, logging, etc.
  • Knowledge of C# and .NET framework fundamentals, including the CLR, BCL, ASP.NET MVC/API and ADO.NET.

Technology (preferred)

  • Experience with other programming languages, frameworks and programming paradigms.
  • Experience with PostgreSQL, GraphQL and their ecosystems.


  • Either a computing degree or 2+ years of experience in the areas of responsibility mentioned above.

Technology Background

The Learnlight Platform is a Learner Management System (LMS) that manages many all aspects of language a skills training by all the actors involved: learners, trainers, content creators, corporate clients, and administrators.

The current platform was created in 2007 using the best practices at the time and has been updated along the years. It is currently a monolithic application divided into 3 tiers: web front-end (HTML5, JS, CSS), application server (ASP.NET MVC5 + API 2), database server (PostgreSQL 9.5).

We are currently starting a full redesign of the platform architecture which will break it into several smaller applications and micro-services. Key changes include moving into a Single Page Application (SPA) model in the front-end, driven by React and using accessible and reactive layout frameworks, all interacting with a pure GraphQL API server implemented in Node.js

About Learnlight

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