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Frontend Software Developer (m,f,d) in Berlin


40,000 - €75,000
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Job Description

- Create rich experiences for
construction companies that bring
an unparalleled innovation to their
supply chains
- Build delightful products that make
it easier to run a trucking or
construction business
- Take ownership of your own
projects and bring them to fruition

If you are interested, let's chat via phone or meet at our office for a coffee :-)

What We're Building

Bulk goods transportation is the second biggest transportation industry. However, it is highly inefficient & susceptible to disturbances, since demand is very volatile & the supply side is extremely fragmented.
Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable & efficient bulk goods logistics, in order to provide relief for people & make better use of our world’s resources.
To reach this, we develop web- & mobile apps with which we connect the involved parties, so they can benefit from network effects & transportation data mining. We are starting out with the construction industry & connect construction companies, freight forwarders & material suppliers. Our goal is to ensure a smooth material flow so that construction projects can be carried out faster & the companies involved can work more profitably with less environmental impact. Especially in urban and metropolitan areas, where heavy construction trucks contribute disproportionately to environmental pollution.


About Kamioni

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